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Iyesta (c. 1570 PC - 421 AC), was a native brass dragon of Krynn, who had dwelt amongst the brass clan of dragons for almost two thousand years before the Age of Mortals. Iyesta was widely respected amongst both dragons and humans, and was by nature an inquisitive creature that liked to know everything going on in her surroundings. Measuring over three hundred feet in length and with a wingspan of over four hundred feet, Iyesta was covered in smooth scales of burnished brass.

The Dragon Purge[]

The great brass wyrm was already a powerful force to be reckoned with before the Dragon Purge even began in 387 AC. However, with the coming of the massive overlords, Iyesta learned how to harness the power of the dead dragons to further increase her own power. Rather than willingly set upon any dragons near her, the brass dragon selected Chromatic Dragons as her prey and vanquished a large number before settling upon the Plains of Dust in 397 AC. The Plains of Dust had already been claimed as the domain of the blue dragon Stenndunuus, however Iyesta drove him to the western side of the plains and then began to create her own domain on the eastern half of the Plains of Dust. She carved out a lair for herself, in the ancient ruins of a palace in the Missing City, and became the only metallic Dragonlord upon Ansalon.

Over the course of the next couple of decades, Iyesta helped the Legion of Steel to grow into a powerful faction who aided in governing Missing City, and also developed an extensive spy network. The dragonlord grew ties with the Knights of Solamnia also, and had a number of metallic dragons with her, who served her and also learned from the great dragon. Chief amongst her pupils were the gold dragon Desiristian (Ringg), silver dragon Pallitharkian (Chayne) and the brass trio Dathylark (Lark), Korylark (Kite), and Thassalark (Dart). The great dragon was much beloved by the people of the Plains of Dust.

In 421 AC, the rivalry between Iyesta and Stenndunuus flared anew, when the blue dragon abducted the three young brass dragons who served Iyesta, and secretly killed them. Iyesta took the young Solamnic knight Linsha Majere into her confidence, asking Linsha to guard the Dragon Eggs of Purestian, a Brass Dragon who was under Iyesta's care. Stenndunuus conspired with an army of Tarmak warriors, who used a magical weapon known as an Abyssal Lance, to strike down Iyesta. Once the brass dragon was crippled and vulnerable from the magical weapon, Stenndunuus set upon her and killed the dragonlord. The mighty Iyesta fell to the evil machinations of the Tarmak army and the brutal assault of Stenndunuus.

Titles and Nicknames[]

Iyesta was friend to many humans and dragons of different clans. Whilst dragons refer to her as Iyesta, her human compatriots know her as Splendor.