Jachim is a small city in the nation of Nordmaar, which is located southeast of Unger and northeast of North Keep. The city is inhabited by the Topotlic tribe, and has long been on good terms with the people of Solamnia, trading openly with them and setting themselves up as an important port city. Jachim prospered with the trade, and the fine cobblestoned roads, and the lavish clothing of its people is testament to this.

During the Age of Despair, the city of Jachim was invaded by the Red Dragonarmy and a good number of its people, including Chieftain Chantico, were enslaved. In more recent times, the city has become known for its wool trade, as well as the first-class haggis treasured by the kender that could be found there.

Buildings of Jachim

Geographical Features


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