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Japfin (? AC – 419 AC) was a black, large Minotaur who was serving time in the mines of Vyrox during the time Faros Es-Kalin was there. He first met Faros when he attacked him in an effort to extract something of value from him. Ulthar, another prisoner, fought him off for Faros. He later helped pull Faros out from rubble when the ceiling of the mines collapsed in on him. The initial tension between Faros and Japfin died down, and along with Ulthar they were friends. The three joined in on the prisoner's uprising in Vyrox; Japfin was the most eager of all to join in. In the chaos he became a leader of the resistance; he fought against Maritia de-Droka and her bodyguard Holis, as well as the commander of Vyrox, Krysus. He killed Holis, then Krysus, but was bested by Maritia in single combat.


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