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Jemtal Oermann (? – ? AC) is a kind hearted Human cleric of Mishakal. He was once married to a Knight of the Skull and is currently married to the mystic Cassandra Renay.

Dark Past[]

Jemtal was a Knight of the Skull along with his first wife. He was skilled in the art of dark mysticism. So he was sent to spy on the Citadel of Light. To pass the examinations of character and tests of the Citadel the Dark Knights wiped Jemtal memory clean and replaced it with one the Citadel would find pity on. He was then supposed to remain in the Citadel for two years and then be taken on a raid of the Citadel then his old memories restored.

False Past[]

With his new memories he believed that he was from Gold Dust, a town of miners that had fallen on hard times due to the dwarves of Thorbardin sealing the mountain again. Jemtal believed that he had a natural talent for healing. After watching a dozen people die in a mine collapse he set out for the Citadel of Light to become a true healer.

Training at the Citadel of Light[]

In 416 AC, Jemtal arrived at the Citadel weak and begging for assistance. The Citadel took him in and he passed the examinations and test to become an aspirant mystic. He studied for a year but was unable to cast simple spells other than small healing ones. This confused the mentors because he appeared to be a bright man. After being examined by a visiting sorcerer from the Academy of Sorcery, it was found that Jemtal may have a talent for sorcery but he could not access that too. The sorcerer and mystics continued to study him believing he could have provided a clue to mixing sorcery and mysticism. The experiments weakened the magically block on Jemtal’s original memories. Some of his old memories came back to him in dreams. He began to suspect who he really was and told no one.


At some point, Jemtal was captured by his fellow Dark Knights lead by his wife that he did not know he had. He was later retrieved by a group of adventurers.

Post War of Souls[]

The dreams of his past life began to drive Jemtal mad. Then one night Jemtal was pulled to climb the Silver Stair. He did not return until three days later, but as a cleansed man that had accepted his past and Mishakal into his heart. He was the first mystic from the Citadel of Light to become a cleric.

Others soon followed and eventually there were conflicts between the new clerics and the remaining mystics of the Citadel. Cassandra Renay took charge and spoke of mystics and clerics working together. Jemtel began working with her to reorganize the Citadel for all those that desired spiritual help. Together they formed a bond that lead to love and then to marriage.

The two now lead the Citadel of Light with Jemtal focusing on caretaking and Cassandra focusing on administration.

Kender Tales[]

One source said that Jemtal was told the truth of his past when he was captured by his first wife but refused to believe it. A later source indicates that he and everyone else at the Citadel didn’t know about his past prior to the War of Souls.