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Jenna ( 358 AC - ) was born the daughter of the great Justarius, her mother is unknown. Jenna had long, red hair (that turned gray in her elder years), a strong, clear voice, a dimpled smile, had eyes described as being both gray and green, had a very lovely but cold face, and always wore an expensive velvet red robe with gold stitching even when magic was gone from Krynn.

She has been described as being beautiful, powerful, and mysterious. She was very fluent in the Elvish language, and was very good at knowing about the political and social relations between the different magic Orders. Lunitari herself named Jenna the "Daughter of the Red Moon".

Early Life

Jenna grew up around magic her entire life in the city of Palanthas, and decided that she wanted to follower her father Justarius. For a time, she studied under her first mistress Rasilyss. After, she studied in the Tower of High Sorcery at Palanthas under her next master Dalamar, and quickly became a favorite of the Dark Elf's. Following her passage of her Test in 382 AC, she began to run her magic shop in Palanthas named The Three Moons, lived above the shop for the time, and had her laboratory in the basement. Shortly after opening business in the city, she took a lover in her former master the dark elf Dalamar.

Chaos War

Just prior to the out break of the Chaos War, Jenna's father went with other wizards for an assault on Storm's Keep in 382 AC. Justarius was killed during this assault, and Jenna was elected to take his position even though she had just passed her test recently.

Age of Mortals

Following the Chaos War, Jenna realized that she needed to do other things in life. She found the calling of information. She created a large network of spies to gather information to her in order to sell this information. Jenna would pass this information along to Dalamar as her spies came across it. It was said that _"if Jenna didn't know about it, it wasn't really happening."_ She also continued to sell magical items at her shop at a priemium price, since they became rarer and more vaulable in the new age on Krynn.

Besides selling of magical items, she would train people in the art of sorcery once she herself had mastered the realms of enchantment, Spectramancy, summoning, and learned sensitivity as a part of mysticism. She never took an apprentice, but would instead, for a price, train people in the basics they would need in order to open doors for further expansion into the use of sorcery. Every business around her soon had at least one of their children learn how to use and control sorcery from her.

War of Souls

By the time of the War of Souls, Jenna had become the most powerful and wealthiest mages in all of Solamnia. She had used her influence with the Knights of Neraka in order to make herself a lot of steel. She didn't sell many more magical items anymore, due to the fact that most had been bought and used up, but she did have a set of six earings she was able to keep in contact with other former mages such as Dalamar and Palin Majere. Even though she wasn't directly involved with the war, Jenna did work behind the scenes with information gathering.

Post War of Souls

By this time, Jenna had become one of the wealthiest wizards on the entire continent of Ansalon, and so following the War of Souls in 422 AC, Jenna heard the calling to come back to the Tower of High Sorcery at Wayreth. She left her assistant Rupert and his son Donny in charge of things in Palanthas, and journeyed to the Tower. With the assistance of Dalamar and a new wizardess to the ranks, Coryn Brinefolk, they were able to call back the other wizards of Ansalon, and took the tower back from a power mad sorcerer. She was first raised back into her position as Head of the Red Robes, and then shortly after she was raised to the rank of Highmage of the Conclave.

Shortly after attaining the rank of Highmage, Jenna was asked to come to Solace to deal with a problem that Gerard uth Mondar had come across. Undead known as the Beloved of Chemosh had started mingling with other beings, and for all appearances were alive. Only Nightshade Pricklypear was able to visually see they were dead, and so Gerard set up a trap for one Beloved named Cam. Jenna cast a huge fireball spell called Sunburst, which had no affect at all on Cam. She took this information back to the Conclave in the hope of finding a solution. In a few short weeks after this, she once more was in Solace, and again found herself in the company of Nightshade, who informed her that his companion Rhys Mason, a monk of Majere, was being attacked by a Bone Acolyte and in need of help. Jenna hurried to the temple of Majere and used her magic to free Rhys from the magical bonds that the Bone Acolyte, Ausric Krell, had bound him in. She was then set upon by a Bone Warrior, which had been summoned by Krell, and used a powerful spell to unravel the undead creature. Rhys then defeated Krell, killing the foul servant of Chemosh, and thanked Jenna profusely for her help, before going on his way.

In the years following these events, Jenna continued to hold her position as Highmage as of at least 425 AC, but it is unclear if she continued to hold it after that year.


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