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Jilani (? AC - ? AC) was a female Half-Elf who was a fledgling Mage and almost always of a serious nature. She had long blond hair and blue eyes, and rather pale skin. She preferred the buckskin clothes of the Abanasinian plainsmen for some reason, which she almost always wore.

Early Life[]

Jilani was born in the small Solamnic village of Witdel, where she spent her youth and knew both Erastin Rivenguard and Galenye Faelern as children. However her interest in magic kept her away from most of the other children in Witdel, and instead she became close friends with the Dwarf Targin Steelaxe, who was also the mentor of Erastin. Jilani found very early that she had a natural aptitude for magic, something that only travelling and seeing the outside world would help her to develop.

Growth of a Mage[]

Jilani went off on her own, travelling through Ansalon for a few years, learning magic from other wizards and developing her skills. After several years away, she decided to return home to Witdel again, and see how Targin was faring. However as she stopped in a nearby hamlet for the night to rest and get some sleep, she was awakened by the superstitious villagers who had her bound to a stake and were prepared to burn her as a witch. The villagers were startled by the entry of the Minotaur Karathos, who they thought was a Fiend from the Abyss, and fled into the night. Karathos freed Jilani and the pair continued to Witdel, and soon became firm friends. The pair learnt that Targin was escorting Erastin to the High Clerist's Tower for to be accepted as a Solamnic Knight, and decided to journey with them, continuing to have a number of adventures with Erastin and his friends.


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