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Jon Mic-Aelus (? AC – ? AC) was a male Minotaur who was a noble of the city of Trilloman. He was raised in a large family, was the eldest child, and saw it as his role to watch over his siblings. Jon was also the cousin of Burtonas Morgan, albeit he almost never saw his estranged relative.

As a young minotaur, Jon fell into the service of one of the Upright Men of Trilloman, where he undertook a life of crime. He soon realised that his lifestyle would only end badly and chose to leave this life behind. However the Upright Man sent his best assassin to kill Jon, an encounter which the minotaur only barely walked away from. Jon then wandered aimlessly for a year, however in this time a certain Upright Man met his death.

Shortly after, Jon enlisted in the Minotaur Fleet, where he demonstrated that he was not only an excellent sailor, but also an able tactician. He rose through the ranks and almost made the rank of admiral during an assault which would have razed the city of Bok in the elven nation of Armach. However just as Jon prepared the fleet to set sail, word came through that the two nations had formed a truce, through the work of Jon's brother Douglas Kolynian.

Jon was enraged at the block to his rise to power, and asked to be allowed to fight in the Imperial Arena as a means to vent his rage. He only chose to fight in death bouts, although would occasionally relent and accept a fight which ended in one opponent being knocked unconscious. Jon was a brutal fighter who often struck at enemies below the waist, earning himself the nickname of Lady-Maker. The government were impressed by his fighting skills, and Jon was enlisted as an Imperial Champion, fiercely prosecuting all who were forced to face him in the arena.