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The Kadothan Grove was the protective grove that once surrounded the Tower of High Sorcery at Daltigoth. Kadothan means, "long walk" in Dwarven. Once anyone would set foot into the grove the distance would elongate. One could walk for hours, even days and not seem to make any progress. After a time walking among the pines a enchantment would take effect that would slowly put the victim to sleep. Even elves where effected by this enchantment. The person would awake days, or weeks later well rested and stripped of all their weapons. The spell Whisper of Dawn's Song could be cast on someone to safely pass through the grove.

Inside the grove was a wall of red stone. The wall only had one entrance and it had no gate. Once past the wall and the grove, a traveler then entered a wide lawn that was crisscrossed by numerous white stoned paths. The main path led to a stairway and to the entrance of the tower.

The enchantment of Kadothan Grove was stripped when Duke Serl Karthon planted a magical seed at the edge of the grove and opened a pathway to the tower. This led not only to the destruction of the Daltigoth Tower, but of the grove also.


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