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Kailthis the Beautiful is worshipped as a minor goddess by the Dargonesti Elves of Watermere. The origins of her and the other three Dargonesti Gods are a mystery, but it is possible that they were once historical figures.

Kailthis is the goddess of love, fertility, and protection. She is given special attention during courtships, betrothals, weddings, Whitemoons (Dargonesti honeymoons), and births. Sacrifices to her usually include sea flowers and love poems. She is usually depicted as a beautiful Dargonesti Elf.

Other Information[]

Symbol: Mermaid Celestial Symbol: A tiny constellation that makes up Habbakuk’s Servants.

Kender Tales[]

One source states that the Dargonesti gods were actual gods that could grant spells to their followers. Other sources state that only the true gods can grant spells to their followers and that the Dargonesti gods could not.


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