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The city of Kalaman is considered to be the northeastern jewel of Solamnia, and features one of the most beautiful castles in all of Ansalon. Kalaman is a walled city with a central castle, and is surrounded by a series of farms. The city wall are fifteen feet tall, with watchtowers space every five hundred feet along the wall, which stand twenty-five feet tall. Kalaman's wall is broken only four large gates, which allow access in and out of the city.

The city is located in the northeastern fringes of the realm of Solamnia, and is bordered on the north by the Vingaard River. One of the largest features of the city is its port, which allows vessels access to the sea and also into the inner lands of Solamnia. Because of the highly developed port, Kalaman is a frequent stop for many merchants and is a bustling centre for trade.

Within the city is a huge open air bazaar, which is run by the government, and houses merchants and wares of every possible kind. The city is also home to a large fish market, widely famed for the availability of firefish, a special fish that inhabits the nearby Bay of Thoradin, and is considered a delicacy throughout Solamnia. Kalaman is controlled by a series of trade guilds, who in turn nominate a governor to rule the city in their stead. The city is patrolled by a militia, formed of some locals, as well as hired mercenaries. The militia of Kalaman is famed for being some of the most orderly and skilled local militia's in all of Ansalon.

Age of Might[]

Kalaman began as a simple fishing village, but was discovered by a group of Istarian merchants who were looking to develop a port city. In 300 PC, the village was transformed into a small city by the Holy Empire of Istar, however it was later ceded to Solamnia. Over the years, Solamnia wisely governed the city, developing sea trade in Kalaman and seeing it flourish. By shortly before the Cataclysm, Kalaman and Istar had become bitter trade rivals, and in retaliation, the city found itself completely blockaded by the Istarian navy.

Age of Despair[]

Even with the fury of the gods being unleashed on Ansalon during the Cataclysm, Kalaman still managed to thrive, even though it was located in the dread realm of Nightlund, now ruled by the powerful Lord Soth. During the War of the Lance, Kalaman was partially destroyed by the Red Dragonarmy following the assaults by several Flying Citadels, though it was liberated by the Golden General and her brother Gilthanas Kanan during the final days of the war. Shortly after, Gilthanas was approached by the people of Kalaman, who asked him to take the role of governor of the city, which the elf accepted.

Under Governor Gilthanas' rule, the city was then rebuilt by a series of merchants and craftsmen, and prospered once more through a golden era of several decades. However Gilthanas' lover Silvara left the city, and the elf left as well, shortly before the Summer of Chaos, when he realised what he was becoming. Gilthanas left the city in the care of several nobles, but in the same year, Kalaman fell under attack by the Knights of Takhisis. The Dark Knights slaughtered many of the males of Kalaman, and hauled a large number of others to be used as slaves. When the forces of Chaos struck, both the Dark Knights and the militia banded together to turn away Chaos' minions from the city.

Age of Mortals[]

In the first stages of the Age of Mortals, the militia formed under one of their generals, and forced the Dark Knights out of Kalaman. The locals then found their city under a dark pall, with the undead rising and wandering the streets for several decades. Many residents of Kalaman fled whilst the city was filled with undead, however a number of militia, commoners and guildsmen remained. In 407 AC, Gilthanas returned to the city, where he briefly resumed his role of governor. However when a group of assassins appeared, the elf again left the city, and the general of the militia eventually took the roles of both governor and Lord Mayor.

Following the closure of the War of Souls, the undead no longer appeared in Kalaman, and people returned to the city in large numbers. Guildmasters have reinvigorated the city, pushing a campaign to get people back to Kalaman, and sea patrols have resumed in the nearby waters, to drive out the pirates lurking near Kalaman when darker times had fallen.

Buildings and Locations of Kalaman[]

  • Castle Kalaman
  • Cilvar's Mageware
  • Emerald Mermaid Supplies
  • Fish Markets
  • Fisherman's Gate
  • Great Temple of Kiri-Jolith (Kalaman)
  • Guard Barracks
  • Guild Hall
  • Harbor Gate
  • Kalaman Harbor
  • Main Gate
  • Mer-Kane Maps
  • Open Air Market
  • Sea Steed
  • Temple of Mishakal
  • Temple of Shinare
  • Warrior's Gate

Roads and Streets of Kalaman[]


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