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Kanan (? AC - ? AC) was a young male Golden Griffon.


In 426 AC, Kanan was captured in the Redstone Bluffs in Qualinesti by elves led by Porthios Kanan, Alhana Starbreeze, and Kerianseray with other griffons. The griffons later went through the Tath-maniya and were bonded to riders. Kanan was bonded to Hytanthas Ambrodel.


The elves and griffons traveled to Khur to save the elven Race there. A short time later Hytanthas was believed dead. Kanan befriended a Royal Griffon named Eagle Eye for company since the other giffons had left with their riders back to Qualinesti. Kanan was later reunited with Hytanthas after the curse was lifted from Inath-Wakenti. Kanan, Hytanthas, and Vixona Delambro then traveled the valley mapping it.


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