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Kang ( 342 AC - ? AC) was a huge Bozak Draconian at seven feet tall, who always used a huge battleaxe, and wore it on his back in a harness. Prior to the Chaos War, Kang was deeply spiritual and would pray to Takhisis, and he believed the she granted him spells that he would use in battle. In the Age of Mortals, Kang did not use his magical abilities believing they had come from the Dark Queen.

Kang held many titles as he moved up the ranks in the Dragonarmies. His first with the engineers was Bridge Master, then Division Engineer, until eventually he would become a civilian and become the Governor of Teyr. Kang and Fonrar would become mates, her showing her leadership abilities among the female draconians.

Early Life

Kang was created in 342 AC, when Dracart, Wyrllish, and Harkiel cast a dark spell upon a bronze dragon egg. Those that were first created from these eggs had to fight for everything to prove themselves worthy, many were killed in the following years. His peers, for surviving during this time, would revere Kang. Kang served under Lord Ariakas in Sanction, but after Ariakas and another officer made a bet, Kang would find his life going in a new direction.

In 346 AC, Kang attempted to learn engineering in an attempt to embarrass the military engineers in Ariakas’s army. He had found he was the butt of a joke between his lord and another officer, but this did not bother him. He excelled at engineering, and beat the human at engineering. He ended up killing the human, and deserting from the Dragonarmies.

Kang later overheard Slith, Gloth, and Fulkth talking about a treasure. Kang told them that he would be able to build a bridge to the treasure with the help of Slith’s troops. So, he teamed up with Slith and the group of draconian miscreants he led. Under Kang’s leadership, they built a rope bridge, fought their way past dwarven skeletal warriors, and captured barrels of dwarf spirits. These would be used to sell at one steel piece per cup to the draconians. Kang would leave the group, but they would meet again.

Kang later met with Slith and his warriors, and became their commander. The two of them became great comrades, and very popular among their draconian soldiers. Together they created the First Dragonarmy Bridging Company, which would be later known as the First Dragonarmy Engineering Regiment.

War of the Lance

During the War of the Lance, Kang and his Regiment was mainly located in southern Ansalon, with the Red Dragonarmy. They were responsible for building the huge wicker dragon at Xak Tsaroth to keep the other draconians in line.

In 352 AC, Kang’s Regiment was tested at least two times in battle. During one, they were to build a bridge across a river to allow for the Dragonarmy to reach the other side. Under intense attack from the Whitestone Council Army, they were able to complete the bridge, even though this was simply a decoy for the Dragonarmy to make its main attack.

The other was while they were at a fort, defending it from attack. Their troops were ordered to defend the way while under the command of a minotaur named Tchk'pal. Kang did not like how this minotaur fought battles, so on the eve of the battle they got the minotaur drunk, and during the battle they were able to launch him from a catapult at a copper dragon, killing the beast. The battle at the fort was won, and instead of praising the draconians, Tchk’pal was promoted. Somehow the minotaur survived being launched in the air, shocking even Kang.

Post-War of the Lance

Following the War of the Lance, the Whitestone Council Army hunted all draconians left from the war. Kang led the First Dragonarmy Engineering Brigade in creating a settlement near the dwarven community of Celebundin near Thorbardin, in a valley between Mount Celebund and Mount Dashinak. Over the years they would survive by performing non-lethal raids on the dwarves of Celebundin, and the dwarves returned in kind.

Eventually though, the peace would end with the coming of the Chaos War in 383 AC. Kang and his two hundred remaining engineers would join up with the Fifth Army of Conquest in their attempt to capture the elven and dwarven lands. He would meet a human Dark Knight named Huzzad. Kang would grow to respect this human. Kang and his engineers would feel like they were a part of a new army, until they realized how they were going to be used. They were going to dig latrines for the human soldiers with the Second Army of Conquest.

This did not sit well with Kang or his troops, so they deserted the Second Army to return to their home. They arrived in time to see their home being burned by the dwarves from Celebundin. They slaughtered those that were left at their city, and raided Celebundin in retaliation. Takhisis stopped them, and instead sent them to Mount Celebundin. There Kang and his engineers put a stop to a fire dragon threat, and rescued female draconian eggs that were hidden. They decided to leave the Kharolis Mountains for the lost dwarven city of Teyr.

Battle of Maranta’s Fort

The trek to Teyr was long and perilous. Along the way they were attacked by anyone who viewed them as a thread. They would only encounter a larger hobgoblin and goblin threat, under the command of Dark Knight Zeck, the farther north they went. The goblins would chase the draconians into the relative safety of Maranta’s Fort where many other draconians had holed up under the command of the aurak draconian Maranta.

Kang would quickly grow disillusioned with the commander, and with strange draconians called “ dunderheads”. Kang would eventually overthrow and kill the commander in combat with the help of his females. While this was going on, a force of 40,000 goblins and hobgoblins assaulted the fort that held 5,000 draconians. Kang and his Regiment put together a plan that involved a weapon they called the “ Drunken Dragon”, and through the use of Dracart’s Heart Kang blew the dragon up. The resulting detonation destroyed the goblin army, killing most of the leadership. Shortly after the battle, Kang led his little Regiment on to Teyr, and the rest of the draconians of the fortress followed.

Teyr and Beyond

After another four years of travel, the draconians under Kang finally arrived in Teyr, and Kang became the Lord-Governor of Teyr. The Dark Knights would attempt to ally with Kang’s people, but he rebuffed every attempt by the Knighthood. During the War of Souls, Kang along with Slith and a Teyrian army went to Sanction. There they assisted in defeating the Dark Knights led by Mina. He was even summoned by Takhisis to see her return to Krynn at the Temple of Duerghast.

Over the years, Kang would face threat after threat that would attempt to rip his fledgling nation apart. Kang does see the need to ally with nations, and has sent envoys out to the Great Moors, Kalaman, and even Solamnia. A current internal enemy is a civilian by the name of Gott. Gott wants Kang to step down and allow for a democratically elected leader for the nation of Teyr. Kang knows that this cannot happen, since the military would not stand for it and civil war would break out.

The government’s bodyguards, the Steel Watch, also protect Kang. This group is led by the Minister of Information Granak Red-Silver, and serves as Kang’s bodyguards, spies, and assassins.