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Kanira's Door was a gate on the city wall of Daltigoth. It was found in the northeastern side of the city. It was originally constructed under the orders of Empress Kanira and Kanira Path began there.

During the Age of Dreams, it looked like half circle of columns set very closely together. They were arrayed out from the city's wall and of the colors of alternating red and pink marble. In the half circle was a deep pit that had a large rock slab draw bridge. It was a very expansive gate that was one of a kind.

By the Age of Mortals, it looked like a smaller version of the Ackal's Passage gate and only stood twenty feet tall. It was usually used then by traders and was guarded by the Dictatorial Guard.

Kender Tales[]

One source refers to the door as Karina's Door, which is likely a misspelling.