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The Minotaur Karathos (ca. 330 AC - ? AC) was a powerfully built warrior, who stood over seven feet tall, had a largely muscular build and a well-groomed brown coat. The minotaur kept his horns polished and had gold rings at the base of each of them, as well as a gold earring in each ear. He was a gruff warrior, but also a loyal companion and friend, who was deeply honorable and would give his life for his friends. Karathos always wielded his family battle axe Heartcleaver in battle. In one particular adventure he found the magical battle axe Bonebiter, which he then wielded in tandem with Heartcleaver.

Early Life[]

Karathos was raised on the distant continent of Taladas , in the minotaur city of Kristophan. His youth was spent training in the art of the warrior, as he prepared himself to participate in the great fights in the arena. The minotaur was trained in honor and combat by the paladin and arena champion Austan Gavynus, who taught him a great deal about life in general. It was these experiences with Austan, which convinced Karathos that he did not wish to participate in the brutal life of a gladiator, and along with his friends Thakadil and Caelus, he fled the minotaur empire on a small ship. The trio sailed the ship in a south-westerly direction, and almost made it to Ansalon before a great storm destroyed the ship and threw Karathos and his friends in separate directions.

Arrival on Ansalon[]

Karathos was washed onto the shores of Mithas, and searched for his companions. Local minotaurs tried to accost him due to his foreign appearance, and he slew them in retaliation. He was unable to find his friends and was forced to flee Mithas, before the local minotaurs found him and killed him. The minotaur then journeyed to Southlund, where on his travels he came across a small hamlet in which he watched a bunch of villagers about to burn a young girl, calling her a witch. Karathos scared away the villagers and freed the young girl, who introduced herself as Jilani. The two became fast friends and she led him to the village of Witdel, her home.

Jilani introduced Karathos to her other friends, the knight Erastin RivenguardGalenye Faelern, and Targin Steelaxe, and the minotaur was accepted as one of the group and a friend to all. On later adventures, Karathos met with the minotaur Rikar, who was also an exile from Mithas and the two became close companions. Rikar taught Karathos about Ansalon and it's history.

Temple Guardian[]

As an old minotaur in the Age of Mortals, Karathos became the guardian of the last remaining shrine to Kiri-Jolith in the minotaur empire. He never causes any trouble, and waits patiently for the day that a cleric of Kiri-Jolith may take over for him now that the gods have returned. On that day, he will finally rest.


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