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The Isle of Karthay is the northernmost island of the Blood Sea Isles. It was part of the Minotaur Empire for a short time just before the War of the Lance. The days there are very hot and the nights are cold, making this an unkind place for humans to live. The major geographical feature is the Worldscap Mountains that cover the entire northern section of the island.

Age of Despair

When the Cataclysm struck Ansalon, the Isle of Karthay broke off from northern Falthana of the Empire of Istar. The minotaurs tried taking over the island for the many years after that, thinking that the island was abandoned. When their Nightmaster brought his cult to the island to wake up Sargonnas, the Companions came looking for their friend Tasslehoff Burrfoot.

Bulettes, giant insects, horaxes, greater hatori, kyrie, locust swarms, umber hulks, and other sand creatures are located on the island. The Companions agree to allow these creatures to have the island for many hundreds of years for their assistance in defeating the minotaurs and the Nightmaster.

Age of Mortals

There is a small, nameless island north of Karthay, where rebel minotaurs under Faros Es-Kalin meet up before they take on the Minotaur Empire. It is a windblown place covered in twisted, needled trees, bushes that grow close to the ground, fresh water that comes from two creeks from a natural spring on the island, and cold underground caverns. The rebel minotaurs are the only ones known to have tread on this island.


  • Aerie
  • Kai-lan
  • Perch
  • Sanctuary
  • Winston's Tower




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