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Katyana uth Mishakal ( 365 AC - ? AC) was a female Human Solamnic noble from the city of Palanthas. She served on the city’s Senate for over thirty-five years. Katyana’s father, Neltan uth Mishakal, would sometimes call her Katy.

Early Life[]

Katyana grew up in a mansion on Palanthas’s Nobles’ Hill that looked down on the Palanthas Trade Exchange and the fishing wharf. She had friends among the other noble daughters and orphan children that took shelter in the local gardens. As she got older she socialized more with the young nobles than the poorer girls. Katyana, like the other young nobles, was groomed to take your father’s spot on the Senate.

Post Chaos War[]

After the Chaos War, the Knights of Takhisis took control of the city of Palanthas. One of the first acts of the knights was to disband the city’s senate. Katyana’s father was the heart of the senate at the time and he and a few other senators went daily to plead with Lord Knight Sir Elstone Kinsaid to reinstate the senate. After two weeks of this the knights arrested them. Kinsaid then offered Katyana a seat on the new senate and she refused. Katyana did not want to see her city fall into ruins as she knew it would without the guiding hand of the senate so she organized the other young nobles and together they got the city functioning again. Katyana then confronted Kinsaid and threatened to plunge the city into anarchy again if he did not reinstate the old Senate. Kinsaid later released her father and reinstated the senate.

Over time the old members of the senate retired, including Katyana’s father. Katyana was unanimously elected to take his place. She spent the next thirty years in public service. Some of her duties included officiating at weddings, going to state dinners and working long hours with Kinsaid’s chief of staff Vinkal Keenedge, but as time went by she distanced herself from the common people. Her father reminded her of the need to stay in touch with the common people, for it is only they who know what they want from their senate. Katyana then began to take more of an effort to make herself part of all citizens’ lives in Palanthas.

After thirty-five years of Katyana’s service in the senate, a party was thrown. Here Kinsaid was going to award Katyana with the Nerakan Medal of Honor. Bertrem of the Order of Aesthetics gave her a book containing fifty of Katyana’s famous speeches, entitled Katyana uth Mishakal, Daughter of Palanthas. At this party Katyana’s father leading the Brothers of Freedom attempted to assassinate Kinsaid, but Vinkal foiled the attempt. Vinkal dove in front of the crossbow bolt that was meant for his leader and simultaneously shot another crossbow killing the attacker. As he was dieing he lied to Kinsaid and told him that the assassin acted alone. He then revealed to Katyana that he did this because he loved her. This insurrection was never talked about openly even though many knew of it. After the attempted assassination, Katyana became part of the revolutionary movement.

War of Souls[]

In 421 AC, Katyana made a pilgrimage to the Citadel of Light. On her journey to the Citadel, her group stopped at the War Memorial there she met the spirit of Vinkal. They talked all night together. She realized that he was not an evil man, but only a soldier following orders.