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Kayolin, sometimes spelled Kaolyn, is a dwarven kingdom that is set in the peaks of the Garnet Mountains and is bordered by Solamnia on it's northern, southern and western sides, and Lemish to the east. A small number of towns and fortifications are readily visible in the mountain range, but the large cities of Kayolin are all based underground beneath the mountains. Kayolin is populated by the Hylar, Daewar, Neidar and Aghar dwarves, who trade and deal openly with humans and merchants of other races. The realm of Kayolin is a peaceful one that does not have the clan fighting that is contained in the other kingdoms of the dwarves, and is ruled by a single nominated governor.

Age of Might

During the Third Dragon War, the dwarves of Thorbardin granted aid to the Knights of Solamnia in the war against the forces of Crynus and Galan Dracos, and following the war in 980 PC were granted mining rights to the Garnet Mountains. Proclaiming the mountain range as a colony of Thorbardin, a contingent of dwarves soon set-up operations in the mountains and within the next several hundred years, had excavated and built the city of Garnet-Thax. The nation quickly became known as having the richest mines on all of Ansalon. Kayolin maintained strong ties with Thorbardin, even following gaining their independence as a free kingdom in 500 PC.

Age of Despair

The Cataclysm severed the close ties that Kayolin had with Thorbardin, with the New Sea creating a gap between the two dwarven kingdoms. The smaller kingdom learnt to survive on its own and boosted their production of metals and manufactured goods, becoming the primary supplier of these components for northern Ansalon. The dwarves of Kayolin then formed an alliance with the Knights of Solamnia in keeping the forces of Lemish at bay, and forced strengthened the relationship with their human neighbours in Solamnia.





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