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A bull-headed but just-hearted minotaur, Kaziganthi de-Orilg (? - ? PC), also known as Kaz Dragonslayer and Kaz the Undefeatable, was a minotaur champion of Paladine and Kiri-Jolith. Firstborn of six children of Ganthirogani de-Orilg and Kyri de-Orilg; three brothers Raud de-Orilg, Toron de-Orilg, one unnamed; and two sisters, Fliara de-Orilg and one unnamed.

Post-War Exiled Fugitive[]

Five years (1013 PC) after Huma Dragonbane's death and the war's end, Kaz found himself alone in the world, having found no place to live in peace, with rumors of strange evil in the world, including among the Solamnic Knights themselves. His only common companion was the garrulous kender Delbin Knotwillow. Kaz's suspicions of something wrong in the world were confirmed upon finding his name upon a list of criminals to the Knighthood. Knowing that he would not be able to find peace until the mystery was solved, Kaz headed north towards Vingaard Keep. To make matters worse, he began to experience horrific nightmares of both fallen friends and enemies who both mocked him, accusing him of cowardice and accomplishing nothing.

En route, Kaz and Delbin arrived at a crude village for the night, where they met the gentle Tesela, a cleric of Mishakal, who spoke in Kaz's defense against the wary townsfolk. The town elder asked Kaz to investigate a strange animal print in the ground, which led to the elder betraying Kaz to a group of minotaurs that had been hunting him by orders of the minotaur empire. Captured, Kaz was shown what his crime was via a magical item that showed what happened when he killed his ogre captain prior to meeting Huma. It was revealed to be a lie, infuriating Kaz until he was beaten unconsciousness. Tesela awakened him soon after, who put a sleep spell on the minotaur captors, giving Kaz some time to escape, until one of the minotaurs awoke and Kaz fell into the river, washed downstream unconscious.

Kaz was then rescued by the Qualinesti elf Sardal Crystalthorn, having been unconscious for two weeks. The kindly elf escorted Kaz down from his tree home, also giving the minotaur a magical axe dubbed Honor's Face, and asked Kaz to find an elf named Argaen Ravenshadow upon his arrival at Vingaard Keep. After leaving Sardal, Kaz traveled alone towards Vingaard, having continuous nightmares. He stumbled across the remains of a slain company of Solamnic Knights, with only one survivor captured by goblins, a Crown knight named Darius of Trebbel, who told Kaz of a dragon-like monster that was responsible for the slaughter.

Kaz and Darius continued on to another village where they were reunited with Delbin and Tesela. During the night's stay, Kaz was awoken by the same draconic monster that attacked Darius' comrades, and found the monster's exterior to be extremely hard, even chipping his battleaxe. Kaz felt urged to make haste to Vingaard, but was calmed down by Tesela, saying it would be better for the four of them to travel together.

Arriving at Vingaard, the keep looked deserted and worse, a very uneasy feeling everywhere. Searching the castle and finding signs of evil, the companions were greeted by Argaen Ravenshadow, who revealed to them of some great evil that had taken control of Grand Master Oswal of Baxtrey via leftover magic of the renegade mage Galan Dracos. The elf was quickly revealed to be an enemy after an attempt to poison Kaz and Darius, while Tesela was given divine protection, enough to heal the other two when the elf took Delbin away. Deciding to settle things with the Grand Master, the three companions headed to where Oswal was, only to find dreadwolves among the phantom-like Knight guards. Confronting the Grand Master, the truth was revealed and Kaz freed Oswal of the dark control that was over him. The final truth could only be that Galan Dracos had somehow returned through the traitor elf. Ravenshadow, in his madness, also revealed his monster, a giant stone dragon. Losing control over the stone beast, Kaz was tricked into helping the elf gain control over the monster. As Ravenshadow flew off laughing insanely, Kaz cursed him with vengeance for all the evil he did and that the elf would pay for it.

With the Knights still recovering from the overwhelming madness, Kaz and his companions were assigned to guard Vingaard's gate while a party of supposed Knights was arriving. Among the arrivers was Bennett of Baxtrey, Lord Oswal's nephew, whom Kaz informed about everything that had taken place. Kaz planned to leave Vingaard soon and hunt down the elf when Delbin arrived with a magical item that revealed where Ravenshadow was. The next morning, Kaz was prepared to leave, Bennett and a few Knights accompanying the minotaur and his three companions. Kaz quickly discovered one of the powers of Honor's Face: revealing those without honor (as they cast no reflection in the mirror-like finish of the axe). Kaz also remembered a scroll given by Sardal that he was asked to deliver to Ravenshadow; opening up the scroll, Kaz triggered a magical effect that teleported him to Sardal, who explained that the scroll was a trap meant for the dark elf, Sardal always knowing that Ravenshadow was mad. Releasing Kaz from the magical binding, the minotaur and elf traveled to confront the dark elf. En route, they were attacked by the stone dragon and trapped in a quicksand spell, but the Knights led by Bennett arrived in time to rescue them, only to see Kaz taken away by the stone dragon and dropped off at Ravenshadow's lair, where the dark elf had merged with Galan Dracos.

Kaz awoke later chained inside the dark elf's stronghold, facing Ravenshadow, who wanted the minotaur to kill the spirit of Dracos before it gained full control over an artifact that would grand him unstoppable power. Sardal rescued Kaz a short time later and both made haste to face Ravenshadow before he could complete his dark rites with Dracos. Faced with intense magical attacks, Sardal was killed while protecting Kaz, giving Dracos enough time to take Argaen's physical body. Facing the stone dragon, Kaz uttered one quick prayer for Paladine to guide his hand, and he succeeded in cleaving the monster's head, the entire body crushing Dracos-Ravenshadow in the process.

Kaz awoke again, after experiencing a more comforting dream, to find the Knights facing the same group of minotaurs who had been hunting him. He fought the minotaur leader Scurn de-Orilg to prove himself honorable and truthful and beat him fairly and mercifully, Kaz's honor proven true by revealing what the minotaurs learned was a lie. Packing up and preparing to travel south, Kaz welcomed the company of his kender friend Delbin, along with Hecar de-Orilg and Helati de-Orilg, the latter Kaz finding "one of the most beautiful females" he had ever seen.

Return to Nethosak[]

Kaz eventually married Helati and they settled down in an isolated region south of Mithas and Kothas with their twin children, Kyris a boy and Secra a girl. Many more minotaurs began to follow down, wishing the peaceful life Kaz was working to establish.

When Kaz's brother in-law Hecar did not return from a journey to Nethosak, Kaz decided to find him, leaving his beloved family and clan back at the settlement. It was a short time after leaving that he was reunited with his kender friend Delbin Knotwillow.

Fighting ogres and magic-wielding minotaurs, the pair arrived in Nethosak to having an unexpected surprise: Kaz's father Ganth, believed drowned in a ocean journey many years back, was still alive; the same ocean trip, sadly, did take Kaz's mother. Ganth accompanied Kaz in finding Hecar, but Scurn captured both. They were taken to the temple to meet Jopfer, high priest.

Kaz was offered power and glory for his history of being Grand Champion, or suffer execution on accusations of sedition and disturbing the minotaur race's united goals. Kaz refused the offer and he and Ganth were taken to the prison cells, where they found Hecar imprisoned. Kaz was sentenced to die by combat against a meredrake the next day, but he defeated it. Meanwhile, Delbin, who escaped capture, created a diversion, allowing Kaz and company to escape. Delbin was captured in the process but before Kaz could rescue him, his own clan members apprehended him and took him to House Orilg.

Arriving at the clan house, Kaz was reunited with his sister Fliara. The clan patriarch offered Kaz glory for the clan but he refused. He was finally granted allowance to rescue Delbin, but without the clan support. They journeyed to the temple where they captured Scurn, ordering him to take them to Delbin. They found Delbin rescuing a human girl named Ty who was a prisoner of Jopfer de-Teskos. Confronting the high priest, Honor's Face gave Kaz a horrifying revelation: Jopfer was a red dragon named Infernus. Honor's Face stolen by the red dragon, Kaz was unable to stop his enraged father Ganth, whom Infernus killed in a single blow, and then revealed that Ty was a silver dragon.

Before Kaz could do anything, he was captured and imprisoned. While awaiting his combat execution, he was visited by an all-gray mage of neutrality who explained the balance needed, both dragons were part of it, and that Kaz was needed to restore that balance. The mage's staff as a weapon, Kaz escaped to free Ty with the staff when Infernus arrived (in the guise of Jopfer) and was assaulted by the dragon's magic, but was protected by Ty, who succeeded in shifting to dragon form. Kaz and Ty were losing to Infernus when Honor's Face, having been restored, changed into a dragonlance, giving Kaz and Ty the chance to chase Infernus into a sky battle. The red dragon was severely wounded by the dragonlance, all three plummeted to the ground below, where Kax finished Infernus off with Honor's Face, an axe again, only much larger, enough to cleave the dragon's head.

The Grey Man appeared, explaining that he had to take Ty to maintain the balance. Kaz reluctantly said his farewell to the silver dragon, only to be greeted by Delbin, Hecar and Fliara. With the Minotaur Emperor also dead, Kaz was offered to be the successor, which he politely turned down and returned home to his settlement and family.


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