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Kellin (? - ? AC) was a commander in the Knights of Takhisis who was a dragon rider, and his mount was Dusk. He used to live at Evermark Keep when he was young. He owned a sword that his had black-etched words 'Protect them' on it.

Age of Mortals[]

General Mirielle Abrena ordered Kellin and Dusk to leave the occupation of Palanthas and to return to Neraka. Kellin didn't want to go to a place with no honor, so he grew disenchanted with how the Dark Knights are in the Age of Mortals, and he left the knighthood with Dusk.

While enroute to the keep, a huge red dragon attacked Dusk and himself. Dusk was killed in the ensuing battle, but not before she was able to save him by throwing him from her saddle into the sea, which knocks him out. When Kellin woke, he decided to spread the word to the Dark Knights, and started walking back to their lands to spread the word of dragons fighting each other.


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