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This article is about Kender city. For book, see Kendermore (novel).

Map of Ansalon with Kendermore marked

Kendermore is the name of the forest city of the Kender race in the early books of the Dragonlance series. Later in the series, several subraces of Kender were introduced.

Kendermore was founded, according to the Kender, near a place that they refer to as "The Ruins" which is supposedly the ruins of one of the missing Towers of High Sorcery.

History of Kendermore

The city is lead by the Kendermore Council, who themselves is then led by the Mayor of Kendermore.

Age of Despair

Age of Mortals

Kendermore, like much of its area, came through the Chaos War with much promise, and the city saw relative peace. Until the Dragon Overlord Malystryx came to claim the area in 386 AC. Malystryx came to the area of Balifor and Goodlund, and in the process destroyed Kendermore, killing hundreds, if not thousands of kender in the process.

Buildings of Kendermore

Roads and Streets of Kendermore