Mary Kirchoff

Cover artist

Mark Zug

Publication information:

Wizards of the Coast


352 pp


ISBN 0-7869-2947-2


Dragonlance: Preludes

Preceded by

Darkness and Light

Followed by

Brothers Majere


Kendermore, The Preludes, Volume II

Kendermore is a fantasy novel in the Dragonlance series. Published in 1989, Kendermore was written by Mary Kirchoff and is volume two of The Preludes subseries of the Dragonlance saga. It has also been reprinted in April of 2003.

Plot summary

It begins with Tasslehoff Burrfoot at the Inn of the Last Home with his friends. However, soon a bounty hunter arrives and charges him for desertion for violating the laws of prearranged marriage. The plot begins to get exciting from there; his bride has also disspeared, Tasslehoff's Uncle Trapspringer has been held hostage, an assassin comes after Tasslehoff, Tasslehoff prevents the Dark Queen from entering Krynn, and Tasslehoff deals with gnomes trying to pickle one of every race on Krynn, including him. There are some major plot weaknesses, such as the fact that the assassin is a half-orc when there should be no orcs on Krynn, and that Tika's hair is dark colored, not red.

Kendermore, Home of Kender

Map of Ansalon with Kendermore marked

Kendermore is also the name of the forest city of the Kender race in the early books of the Dragonlance series. Later in the series, several subraces of Kender were introduced. Kendermore was founded, according to the Kender, near a place that they refer to as "The Ruins" which is supposedly the ruins of one of the missing High Towers of Sorcery.

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