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Kentry (? - ? AC) was the Master Guardian of the Citadel Guardians.

Before the Citadel[]

Kentry served as captain of the guard for a wealthy Solamnic family. He was an experienced mystic with powers of Channeling, meditation, and sensitivity.

Citadel of Light[]

Kentry came to the Citadel of Light an already experienced mystic. He rose quickly from Citadel Aspirant to Citadel Master. He also became a mentor for the mystic sphere of sensitivity and second in command to the Citadel Guardians.

In 415 AC, Kentry was taking students on a walk through The Wilds around the Citadel. He became aware that Goldmoon was going to be attacked. Kentry raced to help, but got there too late. Goldmoon was wounded and Kolan Tyel, the leader of the Guardians, was killed by Elian Assassins. The same day Kentry took up the role of Master Guardian.


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