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The Dragonlance campaign world was originally launched in the early 1980's with a revolutionary approach to adventure modules-emphasizing epic stories and well-developed characters over dungeon crawls and nameless monsters. Key of Destiny continues that tradition by launching a three-part story arc that will change the face of Ansalon with events that will affect both future games and novels! This time, however, the players make their own characters to take center stage.

The adventure will feature a new cover painting by Jeff Easley, and is an excellent start to a new campaign featuring 1st level characters. It requires only the D&D core books and the Dragonlance Campaign Setting from Wizards of the Coast, though play is enhanced by using the Age of Mortals (Sourcebook) from Sovereign Press.

Main Characters[]

To be filled in

Minor Characters[]

Elijayess Moonshadow

Kronn Thistlenott

Story Summary[]

To be filled in

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