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Kharas (?PC-?AC) was a male Hylar Dwarf from the kingdom of Thorbardin. He was very tall for a dwarf.

The name “Kharas” was given to him by the Knights of Solamnia, and in their language means “Knight”. His true name has been lost to time.

Dwarfgate Wars[]

Kharas was bitterly opposed to the Dwarfgate War. He said that “bother should not be killing brother”, but when his friend King Duncan asked him to fight for him, he relented. In a display of shame, he shaved off his beard.

During the battle, he realized that both armies fought only out of hatred and vengeance. Disgusted, he left the field of battle, and carrying the broken bodies of two of Duncan’s sons, returned to Thorbardin, thus he escaped the blast that destroyed Zhaman, both armies, and the land for miles.

After the Dwarfgate War[]

After the war, many of the Thanes began plotting to overthrow King Duncan. Kharas refused to support each Thane that approached him. He soon left the underground kingdom as a self-imposed exile. He traveled the breadth of Ansalon for many years before he returned, only to find the kingdom at the brink of civil war.

Soon after returning, his friend Duncan passed away. Seeing the way the other Thanes were positioning themselves to become the next High King, he barred them from attending the funeral. He gave a prophecy that no dwarf could unite the dwarven kingdom until he held the hammer. He also said “When the power of the gods returns, then shall the hammer go forth to forge once again the freedom of Krynn.

When Kharas did not return, the Thanes raced to claim the hammer as their own and started to fight one another in the sacred valley. The Duncan's Tomb was suddenly ripped from the ground to float high above the Valley of the Thanes. Kharas has not been seen since.

Hammer of Kharas[]

It is presumed that the Hammer of Honor was given to him by the Knighthood during his travels through their lands. When he returned to Thorbardin, the people renamed the ancient weapon in his honor.