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The Kharolis Mountains are the broad mountain range which covers much of Abanasinia, Qualinesti, Thorbardin, Kharolis, and even encroaches on the Plains of Dust. In pre-Cataclysmic times, the Kharolis Mountains stretched far northward into Solamnia, however with the shifting of the land and the forming of the New Sea, the far northern part of the mountain range was split from the rest and carried away, and became known as the Garnet Mountains. During the autumn time the mountains almost have a purple look to them.

The Kharolis Mountains begin in the south, where they are at their highest and the climate is cold. The peaks of the Southern Kharolis Mountains are often covered in ice and snow and inhabited by few. On the south-western fringes of the Southern Kharolis Mountains are the Highguard Range, which include the desolate Firecrab Hills. In the central western section of the Kharolis Mountains are the Anviltop Mountains, which overlook the elven nation of Qualinesti. Bordering Thorbardin and the Plains of Dust on the east are the Thunder Peaks, whilst to the central northern part of the Kharolis Mountains are the Skywall Peaks and the Redstone Bluffs.

The further northward the Kharolis Mountains travel, the height of the peaks drop away and the climate is much warmer, until finally they roll away into little more than foothills. With the land shifts of the Cataclysm, a small part of the central northern Kharolis Mountains was almost cut off from the primary range by the New Bay, however it is still considered part of the overall range. The Sentinel Peaks comprise the northern fork of the Kharolis Mountains and are little more than a few small ridges with passes across them for travellers to move southwards through the mountains.

The Refugees of Pax Tharkas sheltered in a valley deep within the Kharolis Mountains. The valley is shaped like a bowl, about ten miles in circumference, crisscrossed with clear streams. Many caves provided shelter and game was in abundance. This valley also shows signs of habitation from a long time ago in the form of cave paintings.



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