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The Kheten Voi were the magical constructs of Maladar an-Desh, and were his secret army that he planned to use to conquer all of Taladas. He created thousands of the constructs, forming each of them out of dark gray rock and into the image of a warrior, with scale armor, weaponry and a plumed helmet. The plumed helmet of every soldier represented a snarling dragon.

The Kheten Voi were stored in the heart of Clovenmount in the western part of the kingdom of Suluk in the Rainward Isles. The statues were kept dormant until Maladar's return to the world in 425 AC. At this time, he awakened the statues and their eyes all blazed with crimson fire. His army marched with him out of Clovenmount, destroying the mountain and returning with their creator to Hitehkel to witness the resurrection of the city of Aurim.

The constructs defended their master in Aurim, however he was still defeated by Barreth Forlo and his companions. With the loss of Maladar, the Kheten Voi vanished and were believed gone forever.... however rumors persist in later years that they have made their way to the Steamwall Mountains and were now operating on their own agenda.


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