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Fireflash (? - ?), also known as Khirsah, was a young adult, bronze dragon. He was known to have had a youthful exuberance, but he would show great respect for the elder races such as dwarves and elves. He was never known to remain aloof from the lesser races, instead wanting to learn from them, forge new friendships, and exchanging knowledge with them. He was known to not engage his Dragonfear when confronting new people and instead attempted to engage in meaningful conversation with them. Fireflash will always show off his great grace and agility in the air, and he has always loved fighting other dragons in the air.

War of the Lance

During the War of the Lance, Fireflash was one of the first to go to war at Silvara's request. He was eager to bring death to the chromatic dragons for stealing the metallic eggs. He was teamed up with a dwarf named Flint Fireforge and a kender named Tasslehoff Burrfoot at the beginning of the Vingaard Campaign. During this campaign, they were able to slay a blue dragon and captured a Highmaster named Bakaris. Following he war, the bronze dragon accompanied Tas on some adventures.

Blue Lady's War

When word came to Fireflash of the impending attack on Palanthas, he rushed to the city's aid. Tasslehoff saw in the future that Lord Soth would have killed Fireflash if he and Tanis Half-Elven, who was riding the young dragon, would have been killed when they confronted the death knight. So, Tas returned to the past and was able to draw both Tanis and Fireflash from the impending fight, saving the dragon's life. For this, he agreed to take Tas up to the flying citadel. Following the war, it is unknown what became of the young dragon.

However, it later became known that Fireflash is assisting the Knights of Solamnia in Sancrist.


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