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Khur is a Human nomadic nation that is located southeast of Taman Busuk, northeast of Blöde, west of the Ogrelands, north of Silvanesti, and east of Thoradin. It is a mountainous and desert region with scattered oases & shrubs that are usually controlled by one of the Khur tribes there. Geographical features include the Khalkist Mountains in the west and north, the Burning Lands in southern Khur, and the Khurman Sea on the southeastern border. The nation is led by the Khan of Khur and inhabited by the seven tribes which form the Nomads of Khur.

The people of Khur love their horses, and are known for breeding the best in all of Ansalon. Races are held between the tribes to prove which breeds the best and wagers are placed on the outcomes.

Age of Despair

Khur came into being after the Cataclysm struck Krynn. A leader by the name of Keja united all the tribes together into one nation. He had seven sons who, after his death, vied for power and ended up splitting the nation into seven different tribes. Over time this area has bred hardy warriors from the desert.

During the War of the Lance, the Green Dragonarmy was invited into Khur for their war on Ansalon. They began seizing the cities and water sources until a Khurish warrior named Salah-Khan became the next head of the Green Dragonarmy. After the War of the Lance, the Green Dragonarmy was no longer in Khur.

During the Chaos War, several fire dragons from the Lords of Doom ran rampant through Khur, destroying everything in their path.

Age of Mortals

Following the Chaos War in 386 AC, Malystryx attacked and took over Khur. She was later killed during the War of Souls in 421 AC, and Khur found its freedom. Also during the War of Souls, Khur was used as a military outpost when Takhisis was trying to return to Krynn. The Khur tribe then allied with Neraka, looking to take over the other tribes of Khur. They are independent of the Dark Knights, but Neraka was attempting to annex them into their realm through the Dark Knights.

In 426 AC, the continued influx of elven refugees into the capital of Khuri-Khan caused the Weya-Lu Tribe to rise up in arms against the elves and the Khan of Khur, Sahim-Khan. The nomad army was put down by the forces of the Khan and even with the treachery of the Khan's first son, Shobbat, the Khan strengthened his rule of the nation. Ultimately Sahim-Khan forged a long lasting treaty with the elves, who took up residence in the vale of Inath-Wakenti.




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