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The Kingfisher is a large bird that lives along Ansalon’s oceans and lakes, but especially in Solamnia. The birds stand about five feet tall and have blue or gray feathers except their white chests. Their beaks are thin for catching fish. Kingfishers’ crests on their heads were deep blue. Their blue feathers were used in decorations of Yule celebrations.

The birds are experts at fishing. Typically they circle over schools of fish and dive into the water to spear one. It is said that they can dive up to ten feet below the water. They make their nests on rocky shorelines usually with ten or more other nests nearby. When they lay eggs it is usually three to four eggs. Some sailors say that the eggs are very sweet, but fishermen think it is bad luck to eat the eggs and many Solamnic towns have laws against it.

Kingfishers are fierce protectors of their eggs. They won’t leave them even when faced with death. Kingfishers will even tear off pieces of their own flesh to feed their young if there are no other options. Some believe it is this loyalty and sense of responsibility that led the Knights of Solamnia to use the kingfisher as a symbol of their knighthood.