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The Kingfishers or Solamnic Auxiliary Mages were a group of White Robe Wizards that were part of the Solamnic Auxiliary. They had to undergo a Knight’s Trial and swear to follow the Solamnic Oath and the Measure. Their used the Kingfisher (Bird) as their symbol which is why many called them the Kingfishers. They held the equivalent rank of Knight, but were outranked by all ranks of knights except Crown Postulants. Many Knights of Solamnia did not fully accept wizardry in the knighthood making the lives of many kingfishers hard.

The mages paid homage to two wizards that helped pave the way of allowing them to be part of the auxiliary. The first was Magius, who had been a friend to Huma Dragonbane. The other was Palin Majere who traveled and fought with his two brothers who were Knights of Solamnia.

List of Kingfishers[]


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