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A Knight Haunt is simply a floating suit of Solamnic armor with the inner fighting spirit of a former Knight that glows a bright yellow. The knight haunt always has a sword, and judges all fights according to its Solamnic Knight virtues. They are singular in their task, and usually can not be talked out of doing it. The knight's armor and shield are highly polished and well-maintained.

They are the spectral remains of Knights of Solamnia who's spirits now inhabit their suits of armor, but following the Chaos War they can also be Knights of Neraka. For some reasons the knights could not pass on either for having some unfinished business left, or to act as a guardian of a place they had sworn to defend in life. During the War of Souls, knight haunts can be found in greater numbers. Even Legion of Steel members have become haunts, but with the opening of the Gate of Souls the number of haunts dropped.