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The Knights of Balif were knighthood of Kender formed in Hylo. While the kender knighthood existed all kender were allowed to join. The knighthood was split into three orders: the Order of the Acorn, the Order of the Pouch, and the Order of the Sparrow.

The kender of the Knights of Balif hoped to emulate the Knights of Solamnia who they idolized. The knighthood’s oath was ”Ek’thik allus mot durnat” which means ”Goodness is best.”

Age of Dreams[]

For years kender from Hylo were fascinated by the Knights of Solamnia. Many of them attempted to join the Solamnic knighthood, but the Humans would not allow them to join. In 1634 PC, Huma Springfingers decided to found a new knighthood and named it after the great hero, Balif.

Knights of Balifor

The Knights of Balif by Lindsay Archer.

Gregori uth Telan, the Grand Master of the Knights of Solamnia at the time, thought the kender were mocking the Solamnic knighthood. He sent an emissary to negotiate with the kender to end their knighthood. The kender were honored by the emissary’s presence, but instead of disbanding they thought it would be best to put out an open invitation for the Knights of Solamnia to join the Order of the Acorn. Gregori, who did not understand kender, was outraged. He sent more knights to invade Hylo.

The knights laid siege to the city of Hylo for almost three weeks. During this time the kender thought of them as honored guests. The commander of the invasion force eventually explained to the kender that they had hurt the Grand Master’s feelings with their knighthood. The kender not wanting to hurt someone’s feelings disbanded the knighthood.

Age of Mortals[]

There are stories that the tales of the Knights of Balif gave the kender fleeing the destruction of Kendermore strength.

The Orders[]