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Knights of the Crown and their Measure

The Order of the Crown forms the basis of the Knights of Solamnia, providing the backbone of their armed forces and the training group for young Knights. The Crowns are led by the High Warrior. They are the opposite of the Knights of the Thorn

The Measure of the Crown establishes Loyalty and Obedience as the foundation of honor and of the Knighthood. Knights of this Order believe fealty to the Knighthood and to the ideals of the Gods of Good is of great importance. The Measure teaches that true loyalty is fealty given freely to those worthy of it, and that such loyalty forms the backbone of virtue and the bonds that are the true strength of the Knighthood. Obedience is considered the brother virtue of loyalty, teaching a Knight to accept the rightful authority of his superiors. Both virtues are believed to reflect discipline of the soul and temperance.

The Order of the Crown had Habbakuk as its patron until the War of Souls. He is still generally revered by them.

Crown Rank Structure[]

Knights of the Crown[]


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