The Order of the Rose has always been the most prestigious branch of the Knights of Solamnia. The Rose Knights provide leaders, lawgivers, and exemplars to the Solamnic Knights and the world, guiding others on the path of honor by word and deed alike.

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Banner of the Swords by Tavin.

The Measure of the Rose focuses on Wisdom and Justice. Wisdom helps the Rose Knight and those following him determine what honor truly demands, neither failing in their devotion to the Oath and the Measure nor throwing lives away in a misguided pursuit of honor. Justice, meanwhile, involves not only protecting the innocent and punishment the guilty, but treating all people--noble and poor, Good and Evil--honorably and courteously, in conformity with the Measure. This is the ideal that the Order of the Rose strives to bring to Ansalon and to uphold in their own lives, bringing their behavior and that of others into conformity with the teachings of Goodness and the Order of Creation--not through force or fear, but through teaching and example.

Paladine is the patron deity of the Knights of the Rose.

Knights of the Rose could once have cast Divine Spells.

Rose Rank Structure

Knights of the Rose


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