The Knights of the Sword serve the people of Ansalon as warrior-clerics, crusaders, and knights errant, combining the purest ideals of heroism and courage with the power of the Gods of Good and of the heart.

Banner of the Swords by Tavin.

The Measure of the Sword teaches the value of Courage, Heroism, and Faith as key components of the honorable life. To the Sword Knight, life is a continual struggle against Evil, both in the world and within the Knight's own heart. Courage is necessary to resist the terrors and temptations of darkness, while heroism involves self-sacrifice and daring effort to force back Evil and aid the innocent and virtuous. It is from Faith, meanwhile, that the Knight's commitment to what is right springs, as well as the strength that can sustain him when all else seems lost.

Kiri-Jolith serves as patron to the Knights of the Sword.

Sword Rank Structure

Knights of the Sword


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