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Korinne Gladria (? - Fleurgreen, 2 PC) was born the daughter of Reynard Gladria and Leyla Gladria, and her cousin was Lady Gelbmartin. She had red thick curly hair, green eyes, her skin pale, soft, smooth, and flawless.

Korinne becomes the first wife of Loren Soth in Fierswelt of 4 PC. They were married on the grounds outside of Dargaard Keep. The first year of their marriage was a very strong marriage, but as it continued problems kept coming up. As hard as Korinne tries, she couldn't get pregnant with child.

In Fleurgreen of 3 PC, she learns that Loren has been cheating on her with Isolde Denissa, a Silvanesti Elf that Loren had brought back after rescuing her from Ogres. She decides that she needs to become pregnant no matter how, in order to get Loren back to her.

She travels into woods near Dargaard Keep looking for a Hedge Witch that would help her. She finds her and makes a deal with the witch, and the child that would be born of Korinne would be molded after Loren Soth's soul. Thinking that her black-hearted husband is a great, and righteous man, she agrees with it and becomes with child.

Her pregnancy comes to be and lure Loren back to her for a while, but a month or two before the birth, she is bed ridden. When the birth finally begins in Fleurgreen of 2 PC, it is a very lengthy and painful birth. When the child is born it looks like a black demon child, but it was born of Soth's soul. When he sees this and Korinne finally learns of the truth behind the great Loren Soth, it is too late. In a rage, Soth kills both her and her son. It is then said that she died during childbirth and is burned over a large bon fire.


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