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The Kothian Language, also known as the Minotaur Language, is the language spoken by Minotaurs. The language is a derivative of Ansalon Minotaur, but is actually more widely spoken than the original minotaur tongue. Minotaurs of both Ansalon and Taladas now primarily speak Kothian. The language has its origins from the island of Kothas and some believe it can be traced to the ancient High Ogre language, Kolshet. Being the primary tongue of the powerful Imperial League, Kothian has had influences on several other tongues, with links to the Auric Language and the Hoor Language.

The language has its own alphabet, also called Kothian. It is a dense alphabet whose symbols get very complex. The alphabet almost died out during the Age of Might but returned to full use in later ages.

Kothian Words[]

  • Ardnoranti - 'Ardnor's Glory'
  • Atta - Possibly 'Hail'
  • Chaldar - 'Flame-spire'
  • Foran i'Kolot - 'The Fleet of Kolot'
  • Galh'Hawan - 'The Day of the Risen'
  • Great Khashla'k - 'Horses ass'
  • Gulmat - Refers to magical constructs (See Kheten Voi).
  • Hai - 'Hi'
  • Hotakanti - 'Hotak's Glory'
  • Hri Dirac Una - 'Hail the Ax of the People'
  • Hri Jesek Una - 'Hail the Sword of the People'
  • Ka-ho - 'Giddup'
  • Khot - An obscenity, often used by soldiers.
  • Kedir - ' Kender'
  • Mithandrus - 'Land of the Bull'
  • Sarrak - 'Horns'
  • Tamar khai - Likely a command to salute.
  • Ukot Ghuranal -'Plaza of the Champions'
  • Ur - 'Unwanted'
  • Ut - 'With'

Sayings in Kothian[]

  • "Ash kanazi rasckana cloppf" means "Shove off before I gut you, you little turd"
  • "Kurvakh as-shamba thenak min charkath" means "You must risk losing the world to gain it."