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Kristophus (? PC - ? AC) was a male Human that dwelt in the province of Styrllia, part of the Aurim Empire. When the Great Destruction rocked Taladas, Kristophus realised that the people of Styrllia could no longer stay in the area and had to flee for safer climes. Along with his comrade Guidan, Kristophus organised for the people to trek southwards to safety.

During the trek, Guidan and Kristophus decided to split their people, with Guidan leading his followers southwest. Kristophus continued with his followers westwards and encountered no end of troubles. Some of his followers stayed behind and tried to form their own settlements, however most failed. There were many revolts by his people, however Kristophus managed to maintain his hold as leader of the refugees through the assistance of his guards and his family. He took the possessions from any who revolted and divided them amonst his more loyal followers.

Eventually Kristophus reached a portion of land along the coast, and settled a town which he named Kristophan in the realm of New Styrllia. The refugees under Kristophus were divided between the Loyal Families, which were those who had steadfastly obeyed Kristophus; and the Rebels were those who had caused trouble during the trek. Kristophus rewarded his loyalists and continued to punish the rebels, forcing them to become virtual slaves and servants to the Loyal Families.

Within a few short years, the Minotaurs arrived on the shores of Taladas and conquered the settlement of Kristophan. They put Kristophus and his Loyal Families to the sword, but spared the Rebels and formed their new empire known as the Imperial League.


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