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Krogan Boyla (355 AC424 AC) was a male Uigan Human who was the Boyla of the Uigan people. The Boyla originally hailed from the Wolf Moon Clan and was a tall and powerfully built man with snow-white hair and beard. On his face he bore blue, black and bright green tattoos, depicting that he was a great lord as well his participation in numerous battles. In battle he wore a great helm with antlers from an Ajagh, and a knee-length bronze-plated coat of chain mail.

Krogan came to power as the Boyla of the Uigan in 371 AC, following the death of Yakinf Boyla. During the Godless Night, Krogan led the defence of his people against the Merkitsa Elves who had decided to wage war on the humans of the Tamire. He was rumored to have personally slain over one hundred elves in the battle, and was famed as a warrior of peerless skill.

In 424 AC whilst riding to visit the White Sky Clan at Undermouth, a raiding party of Kazar tribesmen ambushed him and his bodyguards. Krogan's bodyguards were slain, as were the Kazar tribesmen, but the Boyla managed to survive despite his numerous injuries. He was found by Chovuk Tegin and his Tenach Hult. Krogan thought he was being rescued, but the treacherous Chovuk had designs on becoming Boyla himself, and shot Krogan, killing the ruler of the Uigan with a Kazar arrow.

His body was recovered by the Uigan and hung from the Mourning-Stone, to be honored forever alongside the other Boyla.