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Kronin Thistleknot (? AC - 385 AC) was known to have been once the Grand Marshal of the Kender city of Kendermore, but born in the village of Legup. It is unknown who he married, but together they had three children; Paxina Thistleknot, Kronn-alin Thistleknot, and Taywin Kroninsdau. Kronin was known to stand back for a moment and assess a situation rather than rushing straight in. He was also known to have been very deadly in battle.

He was known to have been of rugged and regal bearing, with a strong, straight stature, over four foot in height, eyes a piercing blue surrounded by many wrinkles, well toned and muscled body, one ear has a scar on it from an Ogre fight in Kern, minnow-silver hair cropped short and neat, calloused hands, a voice that is smooth and low, and his movements are surefooted, light, and swift.

War of the Lance[]

During the War of the Lance, Kronin served as a resistance leader in Kendermore when the Black Wing invaded and took over the city. He organized all the disorganized resistance groups, and through his military mind as a leader and military strategist, was able to hurt the Black Wing. The kender council that oversaw the city gave him the title of Grand Marshal when no other kender was able to lead the city.

In 352 AC, Kronin and his friend Talorin were out 'poaching' in the forests belonging to Lord Toede. Toede caught them, had a deer carcass chained to them, and ordered them to run so he could hunt them down. Kronin was able to trick the Highlord into going into a Green Dragon's cave and he was killed in the process. Kronin from that point on was a national hero to most kender.

Post War of the Lance[]

Following the war, Kronin stayed in the city of Flotsam. When Lord Toede returned from the dead, he assisted Toede in gaining back his city. Afterwards, Kronin was promoted to Chief Game Warden for Toede in the city, with assistance from Taywin. Much of his life was unknown following this.

Age of Mortals[]

When the great Red Dragon Malys attacked the kender in Goodlund, one village she visited was Woodsedge. There she destroyed the entire town, and was amazed to see one kender in particular who did not go running screaming at the sight of her. This was Kronin, and Malys made this kender pay for staying by killing him.