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Kronn-alin Thistleknot ( 336 AC - ? AC) was born the son of Kronin Thistleknot in the city of Kendermore. He was known to have had at least two sisters, Paxina Thistleknot and Taywin Kroninsdau, and a cousin named Cosmo Thistleknot. Kronn’s eldest son was Blight Thistleknot. Kronn was known to have had blue eyes, a short slim build of a Human child, long dark brown hair, chestnut brown skin from wandering the lands of Khur and Balifor, and he uses a chapak as his personal weapon of choice. In his later years, his hair turned gray and he would smoke tobacco.

War of the Lance[]

In 349 AC, Kronn decided it was time to make a name for himself out in the world, wanting to be as famous as his father. So he began wandering and exploring the lands west of Kendermore in the hopes for adventure. He was crossing the Khurman Sea when the Black Dragonarmy invaded Balifor while the White Dragonarmy continued east. Kronn decided that when he got to Port Balifor to join with the Silver Fox and the Silvanesti Elf Serinda Elderwood to make the officers of the dragonarmy pay for their invasion. Kronn was also entrusted to pass messages from one rebel camp to another in the Balifor region, and he would take this info to his father also in Kendermore. Kronn would keep a wary ear open to see if any news of his beloved Hylo falling to the Dragonarmies, but his first priority was to Balifor.

Age of Mortals[]

The next time that Kronn is heard of was when Malystryx invaded the kender region before forming the Desolation. As all other kender were fleeing from the region, Kronn stayed behind to protect his people's retreat to Hylo. During the War of Souls, he was known as a renegade kender leader in the city of Flotsam.

Kronn at some point became the leader of the kender of Port Balifor in the district known to its people as Gloom Town and to the kender as Retreat. The years by then had hardened his outlook and he began to view everything as part of the mission to free the Desolation from evil. With the help of his eldest son Blight and the Kagonesti Elf Elijayess they recruited help and would send missions into the Desolation to map it and keep tabs of the forces in it. The death of Malystryx only stepped up his plans. Elijayess and Blight had managed to convince Kronn not to go on missions himself...at least at that time.