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Kryl Shadestalker (Sirrimont 1, 244 AC - ? AC) dressed in fine clothes, but carried little else of value. He resided in the haunted Sanguine Manor, also called Eld Manor, the one time home of Lord Thenil Eld and Lady Karyn Eld who continue to haunt the manor. The manor was home to many other Undead monsters. Kryl was originally the owner of the ring worn by Tika Majere, called by some sources, the Ring of Nature's Love.

Kryl was once in love with a woman, Marissa, who did not love him in return. Marissa was to be the bride of Arin, the son of Lady Elleth of Tantallon. He turned her into one of his vampire spawn hoping to make her his for all eternity. He forced Marissa to slay Arin. Marissa thwarted Kryl by sacrificing herself to vampire hunters several decades later rather than living forever as his bride. Lord Kryl kept the ring Arin had given Marissa, to remind of his loss. As a result of the death of his beloved, Kryl hated all humans, but especially beautiful young women who resemble his lost love.

Kryl later lost the ring, when Tika Waylan stole it off his finger in the town of Dering's Way. Kryl sent his minions to recover the ring, but they never returned. A fortnight later, Tika's father, Alleran Waylan sought out Kryl and challenged him to a game of chance for ownership of the ring. The stakes were high on both sides. If Kryl lost he'd forfeit his rights to the ring and let Alleran and Tika alone. If he won, he would claim not only the ring, but the lives of Alleran and Tika as well.

No one knows how the game ended. Some sources claim Alleran won fair and square and that Kryl honored the bargain only grudgingly. Other sources claim Alleran cheated and Kryl swore revenge. All sources do agree that Alleran Waylan and Kryl did meet again, but by this time Tika and the ring had been sent to safety in Solace.


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