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Kthaarx the Storm Ogre (? AC – ca. 383 AC) was a Hill Giant male and the Dictator of Daltigoth. The giant had an Ogre son named Tdarnk.

War of the Lance[]

After the death of his cousin Stormogre during the War of the Lance, the rulership of Daltigoth was under argument by Stormogre's sons: Thunderbane, Hammerfall, and Strokelightning. Ktaarx ran the brothers out of the city and became the next Lord of Daltigoth himself.

Post Chaos War[]

Just after the Chaos War, Kthaarx's son Tdarnk took control of the city presumably with the death of Kthaarx.

Kender Tales[]

Once source said that Kthaarx was an ogre, but he was a Hill Giant.