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The Kyrie are an avian race of humanoids that are considered a "lost race". This simply comes from the kyrie living a reclusive life, usually in mountain ranges. A kyrie has a Human torso and head, talon-like feet, but with feathers for hair. They are taller than humans, feather colors can be dark brown with golden highlights to white with black tips, and can usually live to be 120 years old, reaching maturity at 16. The first few years of a kyrie's life they do not have the ability to fly. Kyrie have wiry frames and hollow bones, and speak the Auran Language along with Common, Kalinese, and Nordmaarian. Many have modest magical skills, and those that are able to predict the weather are revered. Warriors' weapon of choice is the Stryker.

The kyrie are believed to be the descendants of a group of humans who adored birds. They were gifted by Chislev flight, and settled in the tropics of northeastern Ansalon. They would live a nomadic life, traveling from island to island being guided by the Northstone. Eventually they would have to give this up once they ran into the Minotaurs and the minotaurs stole the Northstone. The kyrie are mainly found on the Blood Sea Isles only now. They and the minotaurs will kill each other on sight, while anyone that trespasses will be attacked by the kyrie. Besides being warriors, they are also poets and composers.

Their homes, or aeries, are in hidden and well protected mountain regions. There they are usually a series of nests or mountain caves that they live in. The larger aeries is a series of complex caves, all covered in a thick layer of straw. They also cover the entrances with patterned hide to make it almost invisible. Their eggs, which the minotaurs consider a delicacy, are kept in the deepest caves. Single kyrie are at the beginning of the complex, while those that are younger are deeper. A leader of the aerie is usually the patriarch of the largest family clan. Once the patriarch passes away, the position is passed to the eldest son.

Almost all kyrie revere and worship Askyren (Chislev), which means the Winged Mother. They have never lost faith in the goddess, even when the gods left Krynn. They also give space to Habbakuk and Shinare, while despising Sargonnas. They also have have many rituals such as the Ceremony of the Warrior.

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