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L'Indasha Yman (Late Autumn, 2787 PC - ca. 360 AC) was a druid follower of Paladine, living in the Khalkist Mountains near Nidus. While she was a druid, L'Indasha was very lovely with auburn hair, dark brown eyes, and was tall. Oliver thought she smelled of sunlight, fresh herbs, and falling water.

Early Life[]

When L'Indasha became a druid, Paladine gave her a Warding Stone that warded off aging from affecting her. She became the Keeper of the Blank Rune, and was suppose to plant Lavender Blue Daylilies wherever she traveled to (this later being revealed where the Blank Rune was).

When she was a young druid, she found a Bronze Dragon egg, which she was suppose to leave a lone. Instead, she takes it back to her cave and it hatches into a young dragon named Oliver. L'Indasha spends a lot of time getting him to learn to be a dragon, including tricking him into flying. She will later name a plant after him, calling it Oliver Dragontooth.

Age of Darkness[]

During this time, L'Indasha continued to spread the daylilies from her cave located ten miles south of the Castle Nidus in the Khalkist Mountains. During the middle of the night in the winter of 313 AC, a Knight of Solamnia named Daeghrefn arrived at her caved with his young son Abelaard and pregnant wife during a blizzard. L'Indasha assisted the wife in delivering Daeghrefn's bastard son Verminaard, and had to watch, as Daeghrefn didn't care that his cheating wife died, or that he took the newborn boy out into a blizzard to return to his castle.

In the autumn of 333 AC, she confesses her love for Robert, a trusted soldier under Daeghrefn, but she told him he had to wait a while long before their love can blossom. When Verminaard finally turns on his father, and becomes evil, a new Keeper comes to L'Indasha. Judyth of Solamnia takes over for L'Indasha, and L'Indasha gives up her Warding Stone and becomes mortal again to spend the rest of her life with Robert.