Lame Hale

Lame Hale (? AC - 429 AC) was the owner and proprietor of the Hale and Farewell in Palanthas. He had a good sense of humor, a gimp leg, and dark, mysterious, compelling eyes. He was secretly a sorcerer.

When Selinda Markham was off wandering around Palanthas, Hale was able to get her to come into his establishment through the use of sorcery and a charm spell. Even though she thought it was a chance encounter, Hale had already been contracted to kidnap her by the Lord Regent of Palanthas Bekkard du Chagne. While in the tavern, Hale served her the Red Lotus, which enabled him to capture her. He planned on selling her off to the Nightmaster in Palanthas who would give her back to her father. Before he could tell all of this to Coryn Brinefolk or Melissa du Juliette he was killed by the Nightmaster.


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