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The Land of the Dead is a large graveyard in Watermere. All Speakers of the Moon, Speakers of the Blood, and other high ranking Dargonesti Elves are buried here. The Speakers are buried in huge clams that are held shut by spells. These shells are then either buried or set on the ocean floor. Other Dargonesti are buried in a various ways from coral mausoleums to being placed under rock piles. Dargonesti are buried with their wealth. Dargonesti can only visit the Land of the Dead on special days. Violating that law can be punishable with death.

The graveyard is protected by the Eternal Honor Guard of four members of the Order of the Dolphin, six warriors, two wizards, and a half dozen Tritons and Hippocampi. They are there to protect the site from rubbers and to keep Sagarassi from raising the bodies as Undead.


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