Along the southwestern coastline of Blödehelm, lies the town of Langtree, or even Langtree on the Green. Following the Cataclysm, a Knight of Solamnia called John of Langtree fled from Solamnia with his family and journeyed to Blödehelm. Stopping on the western shores on an inlet of New Sea, he built a wooden stockade that would serve as their new home. Over time other refugees and exiles passed by the stockade and took up residence, and soon a small town had been built around the stockade. Eventually a fortress replaced the stockade and the town of Langtree was born.

In later years, one of the rulers of Langtree declared the town and it's surrounding lands to be the independent Barony of Langtree, and the ruler to be the Baron of Langtree. The town became filled with mercenaries and refugees and the Langtree barons (being a military-minded family) were renowned for their private armies of mercenaries. Governed by the patriarch of the Langtree line, the town formed an alliance with the city of Vantal several years before the War of the Lance, to protect the Blödehelm region from the fearsome ogres of Blöde.

Buildings of Langtree

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