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Lauralanthalasa Kanan (Laura-lantha-lasa KAN-nan)(July 7, 271 AC - 421 AC), commonly known as Laurana, was a princess of the Qualinesti Elves and a Hero of the Lance. One of the most beautiful women on all of Krynn, she was a brave fighter, a brilliant tactician, and an inspirational leader who became the Golden General of the Whitestone Army during the War of the Lance, leading them to victory. After the war, she married her childhood sweetheart, Tanis Half-Elven, and together they had a son, Gilthas Pathfinder. After her son became Speaker of the Sun, she was also known as the Queen Mother. During the War of Souls, she sacrificed her life to save her people from the Green Dragon Overlord Beryllinthranox.


Laurana was an incredibly beautiful woman, with long, flowing, golden hair, almond-shaped green eyes, delicate facial features, alabaster skin, and a slender figure. As a young elf, no hint of decay touched her, and thus she was the only beauty Raistlin Majere could see with his cursed vision. She kept this youthful appearance throughout her life.

Early Life[]

Laurana was born the youngest child of Speaker of the Sun, Solostaran Kanan. Her older brothers were Porthios Kanan and Gilthanas Kanan, and her childhood playmate was her father's ward, Tanis Half-Elven. She received an excellent education in the social graces and arts, and was taught ceremonial swordplay and how to telepathically communicate with griffons. Skilled at using her beauty and charm to get what she wanted, she was greatly spoiled and pampered as a child and thus grew up headstrong and naïve, though with a good heart.

As Laurana grew up, she fell in love with Tanis Half-Elven and the two entered into a secret, romantic relationship. They agreed to marry, and Laurana gave Tanis a promise ring to symbolize their betrothal. It is unclear how seriously Tanis took this relationship; he would later characterize it as nothing more than children playing a game, though Laurana took it very seriously. She confided her feelings for Tanis to her brother Gilthanas and was shocked by his furious reaction. Gilthanas did not believe a bastard half-human was a worthy match for his sister and angrily confronted Tanis. This encounter convinced Tanis to leave Qualinesti and move to Solace to explore his human side.

Laurana was greatly saddened by Tanis's departure, though she was certain he would eventually return to her. In the following years, she served her father in the royal court and became skilled in the ways of diplomacy and politics, while remaining hopelessly in love with Tanis Half-Elven and waiting faithfully for his return.

War of the Lance[]

When the Companions arrived in the city of Qualinost, Laurana passionately greeted Tanis as her betrothed, expecting they would finally be married. Instead, Tanis broke her heart by telling her he was now in love with a human woman named Kitiara Uth Matar and returning to her the promise ring she had given him. Laurana was devastated by this, but resolved to win Tanis back, so, when the Companions left Qualinost, she covertly followed them on their mission to Pax Tharkas. When Tanis found out Laurana had followed him, he angrily rebuked her for endangering the mission and putting her own life at risk by acting like a spoiled child. Laurana resolved to try and prove she was more than that and fought bravely in the subsequent battle at Pax Tharkas.

In the weeks that followed, Laurana worked closely with the human cleric of PaladineElistan, to help him care for the refugees of Pax Tharkas. Tanis was impressed by the compassion Laurana demonstrated in caring for the refugees and became increasingly jealous of Elistan's relationship with her. The two quarreled over Tanis's jealous accusations and barely spoke during the Companions' travel to the city of Tarsis, but, despite the tension between them, Tanis was falling back in love with Laurana. Before Tanis could resolve these new feelings for Laurana, the two were separated during the sack of Tarsis. Laurana even believed Tanis had been killed when she saw a red dragon destroy the inn where Tanis was staying. Overcome by grief at the apparent death of her love, Laurana did not realize an enemy was stalking her.

Laurana's romantic rival, the Dragon Highlord Kitiara Uth Matar, had learned Tanis was traveling with Laurana and, overcome with jealousy (especially after being told Laurana was more beautiful than her), had followed the Companions to Tarsis. There, the masked Kitiara attacked Laurana from behind. Kitiara expected an easy victory over her a rival she had dismissed as nothing more than a pampered princess, but Laurana fought back ferociously, surprising the Highlord with her resistance. It was only with the help of the Sivak Draconian, Slith, that Kitiara was finally able to overpower Laurana. Together, Kitiara and Slith dragged the elfwoman off to an alley, where Kitiara intended to kill Laurana after questioning her about the status of her relationship with Tanis. However, before Kitiara could kill Laurana, they were interrupted by the Knights of Solamnia Derek Crownguard,  Brian Donner, and  Aran Tallbow, and the cleric Elistan. Kitiara was forced to flee, promising Laurana that they would meet again.

Laurana, accompanied by Sturm BrightbladeFlint FireforgeTasslehoff Burrfoot, Gilthanas, Elistan, and Derek Crownguard's knights, then left Tarsis and traveled south to Icereach to seek out a Dragon Orb. While en-route, Laurana and the Companions experienced the Dream that Tanis and the other Companions ventured into in Silvanesti. In the Dream, Laurana saw Tanis with Kitiara, saw Sturm Brightblade killed, and was then killed by draconians herself when she tried to keep Sturm's body from being defiled. The experience convinced Laurana that Tanis was still alive, though she was deeply disturbed at seeing him with Kitiara.

Laurana's group continued on their way to Icewall and soon encountered the Icefolk. Laurana devised the plan for the attack on Icewall Castle, the stronghold of Dragon Highlord Feal-Thas, which convinced the Icefolk to help her and her companions. She was then given a magical Frostreaver battle axe by the Icefolk. Laurana participated in the successful attack on Icewall Castle and personally killed Dragon Highlord Feal-Thas with the Frostreaver though not before his wolves killed the knights Brian Donner and Aran Tallbow. The lost Dragon Orb was recovered, as well as a broken Dragonlance, and the group set sail for the Isle of Sancrist, headquarters of the Solamnic Knights.

On their way to Sancrist their ship was attacked by the white dragon,  Sleet. The dragon managed to cripple their ship off the coast of Southern Ergoth, but then Laurana drove off Sleet by shooting her in the wing. The shipwrecked group was then confronted by group of Silvanesti elves who were now living on Southern Ergoth. The Silvanesti knocked Gilthanas unconscious and a fight nearly broke out between the two groups before Laurana managed to defuse the situation. Once she informed the Silvanesti she was the daughter of the Qualinesti Speaker of the Sun, they brought up a Kagonesti healer named Silvara to treat Gilthanas's injuries and then escorted Laurana and her friends to the Qualinesti settlement at Qualimori to be reunited with her family and people. The reunion did not go well.

Laurana was shunned by her people and family. She had lost their respect by running away from home to chase after Tanis and was now seen as being no better than a whore. The Qualinesti also confiscated the Dragon Orb and imprisoned all of the non-elves in the group. Realizing that her people would not use the Dragon Orb in conjunction with the other good nations to defeat the Dragonarmies, Laurana, accompanied by Silvara, stole back the Dragon Orb while the human blacksmith Theros Ironfeld, who was staying with the elves, helped the rest of the group escape. The group then fled with the Dragon Orb, minus Elistan who stayed behind to preach to the elves.

To throw off pursuit from the elves, Laurana's group split up with Sturm and Derek taking the Dragon Orb to Sancrist while Laurana and the rest of the group fled into the mountains guided by Silvara. Laurana's group then came to a strange tomb and Laurana and the others, save for Tas, fell under a sleep spell from Silvara. Upon waking, Laurana found out that Silvara was really a silver dragon. Silvara then gave Theros Ironfield the ability to forge Dragonlances. Laurana stayed with Theros while he forged the Dragonlances and then traveled with him to take the completed Dragonlances to the Whitestone Council on Sancrist.

Laurana was then called upon to testify on Sturm Brightblade's behalf at a Knight's Council. Her impassioned speech convinced the Knights of Solamnia to grant Sturm his full knighthood and so impressed the leading knight, Lord Gunthar Uth Wistan, that he asked Laurana to travel to the High Clerist's Tower to teach the knights there how to use the Dragonlance. Despite really wanting to travel to Silvanesti to try and find Tanis, Laurana reluctantly agreed to Lord Gunthar's request.

Laurana reached the High Clerist’s Tower only to find the knights there badly divided. The news that Sturm had been vindicated caused the knight Derek Crownguard to lead his faction of knights in a hopeless attack against the besieging Dragonarmy forces. After Derek's knights were wiped out, the Blue Dragonarmy officer Bakaris, brought the dead body of Lord Alfred Markenin and the dying Derek up to the tower to taunt the remaining knights. Laurana quickly silenced Bakaris by shooting him in the arm, permanently crippling him.

The Blue Dragonarmy attacked the High Clerist’s Tower the next day. Laurana participated in the battle, impressing Sturm with her courage and skill with a bow. The Knights repulsed the Dragonarmy attack but it was clear the tower would fall as soon as the Dragonarmy attacked with its dragons. It was then that Tasslehoff Burrfoot revealed he had found another Dragon Orb inside the tower, and Laurana devised a plan to use the orb to create a trap for the enemy dragons. To buy Laurana enough time to execute her plan, Sturm Brightblade sacrificed his own life in single combat against the attacking dragons. Laurana then tried to control the Dragon Orb. She was nearly overwhelmed by the power of the orb but, drawing inspiration from Sturm's sacrifice, she drew upon her last reserves of strength and succeeded in controlling the orb. The power of the orb then caused the attacking dragons to fly straight into the dragon traps under the tower where the defending knights were able to easily kill them with Dragonlances. The orb also caused the draconians in the attacking army to go mad with the resulting chaos causing the entire Blue Dragonarmy to rout.

Even though Laurana was greatly weakened by her use of the orb, she immediately rushed to the tower wall to try and prevent Sturm's body from being mutilated as she had foreseen in the Dream. There Laurana was again confronted by the Dragon Highlord Kitiara Uth Matar. The two women recognized each other and exchanged words, with Kitiara taunting Laurana about how Tanis was now sharing the Highlord’s bed in the city of Flotsam. Laurana did not want to believe Kitiara but in her heart she knew the Highlord was telling her the truth. Badly shaken by this revelation about Tanis, Laurana allowed Kitiara to leave the tower in peace.

After the victory at the High Clerist's Tower, Laurana gave a funeral oration for Sturm and then traveled to the city of Palanthas to try and convince the Palanthians to join the fight against the Dragonarmies. While meeting with the Lord of Palanthas, Amothus Palanthas, Laurana met the ageless historian Astinus and then received a message from Lord Gunthar, now the Grand Master of the Knights of Solamnia, appointing her the commander of the knights guarding Palanthas. The Palanthians then agreed to enter the war and gave Laurana command of their army as well. Laurana questioned Astinus about Tanis, but he declined to give her a direct answer, instead giving her a convoluted riddle about love lost in darkness which Laurana interupted as meaning Tanis was with Kitiara. The next day Laurana was reunited with her brother Gilthanas who arrived with the Good Dragons who had finally entered the war. Gilthanas also gave her further evidence that Tanis was serving Kitiara. Convinced she had lost Tanis to Kitiara, a heartbroken Laurana could do nothing but throw herself fully into her role as General of the Whitestone Army.

The appointment of Laurana as a General soon proved to be an inspired choice as she led her army onto the offensive in the Vingaard Campaign. Laurana opened the campaign by leading an aerial assault that drove the Blue Wing from Vingaard Keep in the Battle of Vingaard Fortress. She then had her army airlifted across the Vingaard River on dragonback before leading another aerial assault that destroyed the Throtl Legion of the Green Wing in the Battle of Throtl. Laurana then led her army to destroy the White Wing at the Battle of the Narrows. Following that victory Laurana led her army into Hinterlund where they were confronted by the combined forces of the Red Wing,the Blue Wing, and the Dragonarmy Reserve Army at the Battle at Margaard Ford. This Dragonarmy force greatly outnumbered her army, but Laurana devised a plan that succeeded in destroying the vast enemy army by first having her silver dragons create an ice dam in the Vingaard River, and then having her gold dragons melt the dam when the Dragonarmy forces attacked across the now dry riverbed, unleashing a tidal wave that utterly destroyed the Dragonarmy ground force while Laurana led the good dragons to defeat the enemy dragons in the largest aerial battle of the war. Laurana's victorious army then advanced onward, freeing the city of Kalaman, which honored Laurana in a day long celebration. Laurana's inspirational leadership, bold strategies, and innovative tactics were instrumental in winning all these victories, and the grateful people of Solamnia dubbed her the Golden General for her golden hair and radiant nature. The Solamnics believed she was their good luck charm. The luck would not last.

Kitiara, who dismissed Laurana's many victories over her as a "fluke” was already planning a counterstrike. She believed that if she captured the Golden General it would destroy the morale of the Whitestone Army and make it easy to re-conquer all the land the Dragonarmies had lost in the Vingaard Campaign. To set her plan into motion Kitiara used Laurana's one weakness: Tanis. The Highlord set her trap for Laurana by sending the elfwoman a false message claiming Tanis was dying and wanted to see her which Kitiara would only allow in exchange for Laurana releasing Bakaris, who had been captured during the Vingaard Campaign. Flint and Tasslehoff both tried to warn Laurana that Kitiara was lying and the message was a trap, but Laurana, who was already convinced that Tanis was with Kitiara, believed the message and thinking (based on her prior encounter with Kitiara at the High Clerist's Tower where Kitiara had behaved as a honorable enemy and had not tried to harm her even after catching her in an extremely vulnerable position) that she understood Kitiara and could trust her to honor a truce, decided to make the exchange. Flint and Tasslehoff then insisted on accompanying Laurana to the meeting site, so she would have at least some protection.

Laurana, accompanied by the reluctant Flint and Tasslehoff, then took Bakaris to the meeting site where she found not Tanis but the draconian Gakhan and two wyvern. Laurana was then informed by Gakhan that Tanis's condition had worsened, and if she wanted to see him she would have to travel to Dargaard Keep. Laurana refused but was then told if she did not surrender then the wyvern would kill her friends. Fearing for her friend's lives if she resisted, Laurana then surrendered herself. Bakaris then insisted that Gakhan stay behind in Kalaman while he would alone escort Laurana to Dargaard Keep. Bakaris then transported Laurana, Flint, and Tasslehoff by wyvern to just outside of Dargaard Keep, where he attempted to rape Laurana as revenge for her shooting him in the arm. Laurana fought back but was overpowered by Bakaris who also knocked Flint unconscious and then dragged her into a nearby cave while threatening to kill her if Tas interfered. However, before he could force himself on the elfwoman, Tasslehoff came to her defense, stabbing Bakaris. Laurana then attacked Bakaris in a frenzy and was able to kill him. But then before Laurana and her friends could leave the area, they were attacked by the death knight, Lord Soth, one of Kitiara's most powerful allies. Lord Soth's magical fear aura overwhelmed Laurana and her friends, leaving them powerless to resist him, and his chill touch caused Laurana to lose consciousness. Lord Soth then carried Laurana off to Dargaard Keep. A triumphant Kitiara then traveled to Kalaman, where she announced that Laurana was now her prisoner in Neraka and would be executed in three weeks time unless the Whitestone Army surrendered and Berem Everman was turned over to her.

Tanis, arriving in Kalaman, learned of what had happened and, feeling responsible for Laurana's predicament, set out with the reunited Companions to free Laurana from her prison in Neraka. Upon arriving in Neraka, he made a deal with Kitiara that he would serve her as both an officer in her army and lover if she released Laurana. Kitiara promised to consider this offer but was lying to Tanis as she had already promised Laurana's soul to Lord Soth.

At the Council of Highlords that night in the Temple of Takhisis, Kitiara announced she would present the captured Laurana as her gift to Takhisis. Lord Soth then entered the chamber, carrying a body that has been tightly wrapped from head to toe in winding cloth, and placed the cocooned figure at Kitiara's feet. Kitiara then cut open the cocoon to reveal a nearly suffocated Laurana. The elfwoman struggled to free herself from the constrictive wrappings and finally staggered to her feet with as much dignity as she could muster. Kitiara then pointed out Tanis, clad in Dragonarmy army and apparently willingly serving her, to Laurana to try and further dispirit her rival. Laurana was initially hopeful upon seeing Tanis, but the half-elf, to mask his true feelings from Takhisis, treated her very coldly, causing Laurana to lose her last hope. Kitiara then roughly handled Laurana, presenting her as a gift to Takhisis, who proclaimed that Laurana was to be tortured to death. Kitiara then asked Takhisis to allow Tanis to join the Dragonarmies, and he was called forward to be examined by Takhisis. Tanis prostrated himself before the evil goddess in apparent worship, further disheartening Laurana. Kitiara then asked Takhisis to grant Laurana's soul to Lord Soth. Laurana was terrified at the prospect of having her soul enslaved to the death knight and after a brief moment of panic seemed to sink into a catatonic state.

Kitiara then told Tanis to fulfill his promise and present his sword to the Emperor Ariakas as a sign of fidelity to the Dragonarmies. Tanis was furious about Kitiara offering Laurana's soul to Lord Soth but knew he must continue to play along if he wanted to have any chance to save Laurana. As Tanis approached Ariakas, he realized that if he killed Ariakas and obtained the Crown of Power, he could ransom the Crown to Kitiara for Laurana's life. What Tanis had not counted on was that Ariakas was protected by a magical shield, but with the help of an unknown ally (later revealed to be Raistlin Majere the shield was dispelled, and Tanis struck down Ariakas. Tanis then grabbed the Crown of Power before Lord Soth could do so. Lord Soth was about to strike Tanis down and take the Crown from him when Kitiara instructed the death knight to escort Tanis back to her unharmed. Lord Soth did so, and then Kitiara offered to jointly rule the Dragonarmies with Tanis. The half-elf rejected her offer and insisted that all he wanted was Laurana, and Kitiara grudingly agreed to exchange Laurana for the Crown.

As Tanis approached the seemingly catatonic elfwoman to take custody of her, Laurana suddenly surged forward past Tanis and attacked Kitiara. Laurana's assault caught Kitiara completely by surprise, and Laurana was able to steal Kitiara's sword away from her and knock the Highlord to the ground. Tanis tried to stop Laurana from running off, but after seeing him apparently willingly serving Kitiara and worshipping Takhisis, Laurana no longer trusted Tanis, so she refused to go with Tanis and instead shoved him off of the platform, causing him to drop the Crown of Power. This caused all of the Dragonarmy factions to start fighting each other over its ownership. Laurana then fought her way out of the Council chambers in the confusion with Tanis chasing after her.

Tanis finally caught up to Laurana and started to explain himself to her, but then Kitiara caught up with them as well and offered Tanis one last chance to rule at her side. She also warned Tanis that Lord Soth was coming to collect Laurana. Tanis rejected Kitiara's offer, telling her that he would die to protect Laurana, and that Paladine would protect Laurana's soul from Lord Soth. This action convinced Laurana that Tanis was not actually evil and did really love her. Kitiara then allowed Tanis and Laurana to escape, telling Tanis that she was doing so for love of him, though the Highlord would later tell Lord Soth that her real reason was to poison Tanis and Laurana's relationship by insuring she would always live in Tanis's heart.

Laurana and Tanis met up with the rest of their friends who had escaped the chaos in Neraka. The two then pledged their love for each other and promised to build a stronger, more mature relationship.

Post War of the Lance[]

Following the War of the Lance, Tanis and Laurana were married in 353 AC. They had one son named Gilthas in the year 368 AC. They made their home, named Journey's End, near Solanthus in Solamnia. Laurana worked diligently as a diplomat between the humans and elves to maintain the alliance formed during the War of the Lance, but they ultimately failed in this endeavor after isolationists came to power in both Qualinesti and Silvanesti. Shortly before the Chaos War broke out, she followed her son Gilthas to Qualinesti where Gilthas had been placed on the throne as a puppet king, and Laurana remained to advise him.

Chaos War[]

During the Chaos War, she was there when her son Gilthas submitted to the Knights of Takhisis and still played a prominent role as the Queen Mother. She later found out that Tanis was killed at the High Clerist's Tower, which deeply saddened her. She would also fight in the defense of Qualinesti when it was attacked by the forces of Chaos.

Age of Mortals[]

During the Age of Mortals, Laurana stayed in Qualinost assisting her son in the management of the kingdom, while at the same time trying to free him from his life as a puppet king. She did leave the kingdom briefly in 384 AC to see the Tomb of the Last Heroes dedicated to those who fought in the Battle of the Abyss. During this she gave a speech about how all the races needed to come together and become one, rather than continue down their ways of fighting. She would return to Qualinesti after the dedication.

One day, a Dragon Overlord named Beryllinthranox claimed dominion over Qualinesti. The elves submitted to Beryl rather than be destroyed.

Laurana was one of only two people to attend the secret wedding of her son to a Kagonesti Elf named Kerianseray. Marshal  Alexius Medan, the Knight of Takhisis in charge of Qualinesti, meanwhile gradually fell in love with Laurana and fought to protect her from Beryl, but while Laurana respected him, her heart was buried with Tanis Half-Elven. Marshall Medan would then be killed right before the final battle with Beryl.

War of Souls[]

During the War of Souls, Laurana helped many Qualinesti elves get out of Qualinost before Beryl attacked the city. The remaining elves fought back with their human and dwarven allies. In this final battle, Laurana held Beryl in thrall with the magical sword, Lost Star, and after its use Laurana hurled it from the Tower. She would then use a Dragonlance to kill Beryl, but Beryl's death caused not only Laurana's doom but the destruction of Qualinost. Laurana's body was never recovered and presumably lies in the Lake of Death, but in death, she was finally reunited with Tanis.

Kender Tales[]

On Laurana's birthday. Leaves from the Inn of the Last Home says it is 7 June. (p.166) But her Tales of the Lance character card says it is 7 Argon (July.) I'm inclined to believe the 7 July date is correct as underneath the word "June" in the Leaves entry is the number 7.

It was said that Laurana had long sandy hair, and even her full name has been misspelled as Lauranalanthalas. Her birth was put at 278 AC in the book Age of Mortals, but Leaves from the Inn of the Last Home and Tales of the Lance clearly shows that it is 271 AC.

While Laurana's eyes are generally described as green (Annotated Dragonlance Chronicles, Winter Night p. 703, 894; Spring Dawning, p. 1002, 1007, 1069; Love and War, p. 354) in Dragons of Dwarven Depths (p.36) her eyes are listed as blue.

There is likewise a dispute over Laurana's skin tone. Dragons of Autumn Twilight describes Laurana's skin as woodland brown (Annotated Dragonlance Chronicles, Autumn Twilight p. 348) and there is a reference in Dragons of Winter Night to her being tanned (Annotated Dragonlance Chronicles, Winter Night p. 668) . However, every other description of Laurana describes her as being very pale or having very fair skin (Annotated Dragonlance Chronicles, Autumn Twilight p. 433; Winter Night p. 655, 852, 880; Spring Dawning p. 982, 1046, 1069, 1234, 1260; Dragons of Dwarven Depths p. 61; Dragons of the Highlord Skies p. 262; Dragons of the Hourglass Mage p. 202,).

One account of Laurana's early life says that in 288 AC, when she was young, she asked Tanis Half-Elven if he would marry her. He said yes, but unknown to her, he was saying it so that she would tell her brothers. Twenty years later she gave Tanis a promise ring, trying to hold him to the betrothal, though he didn't think he was betrothed to her. Her father, Solostaran, announced her unwilling betrothal to Tyresian, so she then announced to the entire Qualinesti elven court that she and Tanis were betrothed, which brought much embarrassment to her family and Tanis. Unknown to her, a few days earlier Miral had told her in secret that he would like to marry her, but when she rejected him Miral cast a spell on her that made her forget this ever happened. Miral tried to seize power while most of the whole elven royal family was in the Tower of the Sun. During his attempt he destroyed some of the Tower's columns, and Tyresian saved her from a falling piece though it cost him his own life. Laurana was heartbroken when Tanis left Qualinesti soon after Miral was stopped, but Tanis came back about once a year. This account is questionable though since it claims that Solostaran knew about Tanis and Laurana's engagement (Kindred Spirits, p.171) and that Tanis broke up with Laurana before leaving Quaintest (Kindred Spirits, p.198), both of which are contradicted by Dragons of Autumn Twilight which shows Solostaran knew nothing about Tanis and Laurana's relationship (Annotated Dragonlance Chronicles, Autumn Twilight p. 352), and that Tanis did not end the relationship with Laurana until after he had returned to Qualinesti (Annotated Dragonlance Chronicles, Autumn Twilight p. 353).

Dragons of the Highlord Skies says that Laurana's mother is dead (p. 353) whereas in the Chronicles she is alive (Annotated Dragonlance Chronicles, Autumn Twilight p. 365; Winter Night p. 665, 677)

Dragons of Spring Dawning says that Laurana rode a silver dragon during her time as the Golden General. (Annotated Dragonlance Chronicles, Spring Dawning p. 1026.) However, every other source describes her as riding Quallathon, a gold dragon. (The War of the Lance, p. 252; The Dragons, p. 293, War of the Lance (D&D Supplement) p. 231).

There are some accounts that Laurana fought against black dragons during the Vingaard Campaign (The Dragons, p. 298; Lord of the Rose p. 277). However, these contradict the accounts of Foryth Teel who claims Laurana only fought against blue, green, white, and red dragons during that campaign. (The War of the Lance, p.245-279; War of the Lance (D&D Supplement) p.230-232).


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