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Legend (? AC - ? AC) was a Human Scout in the Bündesphar Corps. His Wülfbunde was an old she-wolf named Fury. A member of Captain Arana's patrol, Legend was known to be the oldest living member of the corps during the Fifth Age. The old scout and wolf were not left unchanged from their long service to Canus. The old scout and wolf were one of the strongest members of corps, able to withstand the affects of consuming yellow Lakrak. Under the effect of the yellow lakrak, Legend could run all night, splinter small tress, leap far, and high. Twisted and scarred though he was by age, the old scout refused to go on the Long Hunt, preferred to fight by the side of his Wülfbunde forever.

Post War of Souls[]

In 422 AC, Legend and Fury came across a Vapor Draconian, called Quid. The draconian was a servant of Zivilyn and a protector of the local forest. When Fury was infected with Blood-fury, a contagious disease created by Morgion, Quid asked in return for his aid that the pair help him destroy a portal from the Abyss that was stuck open by a decomposing body of a Demon. He also asked that they destroy a former friend of his, a Centaur who was infected by the blood-fury as well. The centaur was protecting the portal with a barrier made from trees and would try to kill Quid every time the draconian made an attempt on the portal. The centaur was also misusing an axe made by Quid. Instead of using the axe to clear trees that were sick and dying, the mad centaur was using the axe to cut down healthy trees.

Legend and Fury agreed and after two attempts managed to not only kill the centaur but also destroy the axe. However, this had unintended consequences as a part of Quid's life essence was bound to the axe. The portal remained however. The pair was not able to destroy the portal. The old scout did not want to put his wolf down, so he decided to join Fury in misery. They tore out each other throats and drank each other's blood. The old scout was infected with blood-fury as well. It was a suicidal move as the disease could have driven them both mad but the Bond of Canus held and instead the pair went through the portal and closed it from the other side. Once the portal was closed, the pair would hunt the minions of Chaos for all time.